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    My terrible experience with beggars

    I am from a small town of Uttarakhand where people are simple and when somebody comes to their door, especially begging in the name God, they help them to an extent whatever they can If they find them genuinely needy and these beggers also goes away as soon as they get some food and money.

    But when I came to Delhi I saw a different kind of beggars. You feel compassionate towards them at first look. But when you help them with food or money they come swarm around you like insects and start blackmailing you. Even if you have given them some money they will ask for more, especially the small children. Even today I saw a group of ladies coming behind me begging in the name of God saying "gudiya sun to lo, hum Ajmer Shareef ja rahe hai. Dargah mein chadar chadane keliye kuch to dan dedo" (We are going to the Ajmer Shareef. Please help us to offer a shawl at the Dargah) and they looked terrible. I was going to drink juice and had a change of Rs 30 in my hand. I placed Rs 20 on her chadar but then she began to follow me asking for a 100 Rs note. This kind of situation is fearful and embarrassing at the same time.

    In Delhi, you will find children begging everywhere though they have got access to free food because they and their parents have got habituated of begging through which they can eat delicacies by sitting nearby hotels, colleges, Temple premises.

    I never hated beggars more till today when I realised that people have really made it into a profession for earning. The leech out money from honest hard workers. These people don't do anything even if provided with opportunities for work.

    Have you ever experienced something like this when you realised that begging is a menace? And did your compassion turn into anger?

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    It happened to me recently. I was accosted by one of those guys who go around beating themselves with a whip. I had stepped out of a supermarket and had groceries in my hand. This guy followed me to my car, staying just inches away from me. As I placed the grocery bags in the dicky, he stuck his head right into my car, persistently asking for alms.

    Somehow I managed to shut the dicky. I then opened the door and got into the car - the guy placed himself between me and the car door, preventing me from shutting it. It was terrifying, he was always inches away from me, through my ordeal, and my car was hidden from view so no one would have realised that I was in distress. I pressed the horn to attract the attention of people. Luckily, that drew some people's attention and they came to my aid.

    I don't give money to beggars - it is a business and I don't encourage it.

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    Some places these beggars are very offensive and create embarrassment for the people. This has become a menace in our society and they are voluntarily doing this as working elsewhere will be strenuous to them. Begging is so easy. It does not ask for any effort. Their parents also encourage them for this as this is the easiest thing to do on the Earth. We should not encourage these people as they will be after us whenever they happen to see us. Govt is also not able to do anything to solve this problem as they may not have sufficient manpower and facilities to handle these beggars to be taken to the reform houses for changing them to the normal citizens through improvement programs.
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    These incidents happen almost everywhere and I have also faced such a wierd situation. This is sometimes so terrifying and disturbing that one wishes to run away from such beggars somehow. When they start asking for alms they get stuck and would not leave until you do something unusual to free yourself from these beggars. The situation becomes awkward at times. They have occupied places almost everywhere to disturb people and they have made it an easy business.

    However, there are some deserving people who need money to make both ends meet but these professional beggars are grabbing their share and leaving them to face the worst. That poor don't have even food to is difficult to point out those needy when we have professional beggars. Even here in our state police caught these beggars who were acting like a handicapped people and demanding money.

    Govt. should take strict action in this direction to stop this menace, and also take some more credible steps for needy and poor people who are unable to meet the basic needs.

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    One old man will come to my house every Sunday. He is not having any income and he manages by begging. My wife will give him Rs.10/-. One week I thought of donating Rs.100/- to needy. After an hour or so the old man came and I paid him Rs.100/-. He is very happy and left. The next Sunday he came and with him he brought another 4 or 5 persons. They are not old and they are healthy. As usual my wife gave Rs.10/- to the old man. She came into the house. He is not moving away and the other people are still waiting there. I told them whatever we want to give we have given, no more can be given and asked them to make a move. Then old man started asking for Rs. 100/- and money to the other people. I told them that it is not possible and after waiting for some time they left. Then I thought by giving him Rs.100/- I did a mistake. But the old man still continues to come on Sunday and my wife gives him Rs. 10/- This is my experience.
    These days begging is also becoming a demand. Some beggars behave as if it is their right to beg and we shouldn't say no. We should not encourage such people. If really some people are there who deserves we can give them based on our affordability. But we should not encourage children and people who are hale and healthy.

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    Beggars have also changed with time. They have now become very demanding, very persistent and invade our personal space often to make us give some money quickly and get rid of them. In the major metros and crowded areas, it is important to remember that a little compassion and helping nature towards these people can put us in a tight spot.

    I see such people at traffic signals who bang on the car windows or put the hand inside and start touching your hands. When on two wheeler, I've seen beggars just not letting go the handle until you give them some money. Most beggars frown when you given them a 2 rupee coin.

    I personally agree with Juana mam, it is better not to encourage this practice. If you really want to help people buy some useful items or groceries or kitchen rations and give it to a nearby old age home or a orphanage.

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    Yes, this is the case of beggars in Delhi. I have born and brought in Delhi and have seen beggars all over the city. I remember when I used to live in my old house they used to knock at the door and my father used to shout at them. Nowadays also some times they doorbell to have alms. It's upsetting that they don't beg to have food but for money. Even the small kids are not happy to have food when you offer them but will ask for money. The case is worst at Haridwar and Mathura where if you offer money to a beggar than a group of beggars will run after you and end up taking money from you. A few years back I talk to a beggar and asked why he begs and wrote about him in the contest here on ISC in this thread
    this thread


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