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    How your choices define who you are who you become?

    We don't realise it but throughout the journey of our life, we keep getting choices. From school level choosing our friends, subjects and courses e.t.c. and on later levels our jobs, spouse and life for our children and many more things. These choices took a wider range and more serious connotation as we grow up. And we are never conscious of how every previous choice of ours impacted our future choices. If we ever set down analysing how our lives have been if we have opted for another path we realise how every previous choice opened the way for next new choice.
    Whenever I think of choice I kind of remember my favourite poem by" Robert frost "which is "the road not taken". Though every one of us might have read it during our school or maybe college courses I will still quote a few lines of it
    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveller
    Though the choices give us the liberty to become who we are it also gives us an imaginary world of what we could have been. What if we have opted for another path?
    Choices give you satisfaction and freedom of making your own decisions enjoying each movement of life in your own terms. But is the freedom provided by choice complete? It again depends on us because with freedom of choice comes the responsibility of bearing the consequence of what we have chosen whether it is positive or negative. Once we got a choice every other thing which happens in our life is our own responsibility and we can't blame any of the results on anyone else.
    No matter how much people blame others and claim that their life has been the way it is because of someone else's doing deep down they all know its result of their personal choices. So our choices in a way liberate us but also puts chains of responsibility on us as well.
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    In our life we always choose our path at every decision point as it is necessary to tread ahead for our activities to be channelised in that direction. That is the only way to try to progress ahead in life. Our choices are based on the options available at a point of time. They are not the surety for success but nothing more can be done in such situations. One thing which is very important to understand is that our choices do not determine our future. Choices are only a probable bridge to reach there. Many factors are there which determine the future and future happenings.
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    We are bound to choose among the available at every stage of life. After completing my B.Sc, I applied to two universities for admission to PG. Both the universities called me for admission on the same day. Both places I was in waiting list only. So I got confused. Where should I attend. I have to choose. The choice I take should get me a seat. Otherwise I will lose a year. Two nights I have no sleep. My father told me that he will send somebody to one of these two universities with money so that he can pay fees if given a seat. But I know that they will not accept. Anyhow I took a choice and went to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and I was given a seat. I joined there. In this case my choice is proved to be correct. Sometimes it may be other way round also. But as we are only making the choice we have to accept and move in.
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    Yes, in our life we make many choices right from our schooling, college days, married life and so on. If we choose something, we should be ready to face the consequences come with that choice. And again the choice will be in our hands, whether to leave it there and go back or to face it with dare with the hope. But, one has to take the right decision, by thinking of the right and wrong thing involved in the decision before itself. Because once we step forward, we have to face all the consequences ourselves only.

    There come the situations in life, where we can not choose a one and goes into a dilemma which to choose. We can't imagine what the future will be with both choices. At that time we should take the suggestion from our good wishers, parents, and friends and take the right decision. The right choice defines what we are and what we achieve in the future. So be conscious while taking decisions.


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    Life is like that. We make choices for our future but it does not mean that what we wanted will turn true. Still, we have to make choices in our life time to time and whether our choices convert in reality or not we have to make them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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