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    Shouldn't Bollywood do proper research before making biopics?

    Recently, I watched the movie "PM Narendra Modi" and I must say that it is a mockery of the stature of PM Modi. I am a huge fan of PM Modi and therefore I have read a lot about his life and watched many interviews and also am following him on social media. But when I watched this movie, it broke my heart. In fact, it made me realise that Bollywood doesn't concentrate on quality and does not do proper research before making biopics like 'PM Narendra Modi' and movies based on true events like "The Accidental Prime Minister". Bollywood either thinks that Indian audience are fools or do not have the ability to understand the detailed concepts which, in my opinion, is wrong.

    It is my opinion that Bollywood must do lots of research work and concentrate on preparing a nice script before making any biopic or movies based on true events in order to improve the quality of the Indian cinema in this genre. Bollywood should specifically improvise the screen play as it plays a vital role in biopics and movies based on true events.

    Therefore my question is, isn't it time for Bollywood to introspect and concentrate on script making especially for movies based on true events and biopics?

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    Mr Umang first of all I welcome you to this educational and knowledge sharing portal and if you have interest in writing and want to improve and sharpen it further then you are at the right place.

    Bollywood is always in a hurry to produce and release movies on anything which may look interesting to attract the masses. Whether it is a masala film or action one or patriotic or biopic of an important person they will always be after them. The problem with Bollywood is that they will adopt the minimum material available about the theme and then add rest from their side whether that has a relevance or not. They are more in the entertainment and amusement business rather than academics. At the same time there are some directors who take a lot of pain and do a good research before converting it to celluloid. Some of such movies earn a good name and fame.

    Knowledge is power.

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    True. Recently in Tollywood also there are many biopics. Except one or two no other movie made any good impact. The two movies made on the great legend NTR were very disappointing. Both the movies have not done good business also. When we see such films we feel sorry for the person about whom the movie is. The biopics are created as per their convenience in stead of studying the subject and bringing the actual happenings to the limelight. NTR was a great personality and a role model for many in Telugu speaking states. So his son Balakrishna made a biopic on his father's life in two parts. But as an actor he failed to show case the moments of his father properly and the story also he changed and stopped abruptly.
    I agree that the producers and directors should take more interest and do a lot of work and bring the facts in a proper way so that people can appreciate. But without doing any research and just making a movie as they like is nothing but insulting the person about whom the movie is. More care and understanding is required in this point.

    always confident

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    Nowadays directors are making many biopics. For example, we got many biopics released these years like Mahanati, Laxmi's NTR, Kathanayakudu (a biopic of NTR), PM Narendra Modi. Among all Mahanati film was only hit and rest of all not collected that much amount. And I also think that directors and writers have to make proper research before making the biopics, The facts should be shown in the biopic films, not their imaginary things.

    The audience thinks that biopics are the real story of the concerned person. If the director doesn't do proper research and make the film on just enquiring a few people, the audience will think i is the real story. So while making biopics, directors have to make proper research and should take utmost care while making. Coming to PM Narendra Modi Film, I didn't watch that film and this is my general opinion on biopics.


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    It is really a worrying thing that sometimes Bollywood do not carry out proper research before making a movie and that is why it does not make a good and effective impression on the audience. I think that they require improvement on this aspect.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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