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    Seeking clarifications and guidelines

    Can we introduce some uniformity, order and rules in the Ask Expert section? To begin with, there are no guidelines available, so there is this confusion of what is acceptable as a response. Secondly, there is no clarity on the basis the CC and points are allotted.

    To get better CC/points - should one beat around the bush, or provide crisp, concise answers? My response to this query had resolved the asker's problem, but it earned just 4CC/points. Should I have thrown in some irrelevant stuff to attract better compensation?

    For an answer to qualify, is it fine to put down anything vaguely related, to a 'word' in the query or should the response be strictly relevant to the query? I had raised a forum post, on the same, which hasn't been answered yet.

    I am capable of adding fluff to my answers, to increase the word count, but I choose to not do so. However, seeing the way the CC/points are awarded I am very tempted to do it.

    I am not casting aspersions on the team, just seeking clarifications for my satisfaction.
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    Juana, your query is being looked into. Please wait for a response from the editors concerned.
    By saying that there are no guidelines available, do you mean to put it up that the guidelines provided here is insufficient?

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    Thanks for digging out an old forum post, clearly, I am not as astute as you. Guidelines, as per my understanding should be clearly stated where they can be easily accessed and reviewed. There is a 'Help' section in ISC, and one would expect the guidelines to be mentioned in it. You can't expect members to 'search' for guidelines in old forum posts.

    I suggest you collect all old forum posts that carry guidelines and post them as links in a pinned post. You'd then have everything a member needs to know about posting guidelines, in one place. Then you would be right in questioning me . . .

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    The post to which I have referred to is pinned and is available here at the home page of forum index.
    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Thanks again, I missed that post. I just read it and it does say that answers should be precise and concise and that they should be specific to the question asked. My answers met the criteria. My question now is why such low CC for following the guidelines? I'll wait for a favourable response from the section editor.

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    The needful has been done and the necessary instructions have been issued to the AE team.

    With reference to the earlier thread, one request to you: please try to submit all advice in a single response itself. Instead of submitting a second answer, what you could do is to edit the first answer and add in the additional details which you will have thought of later. You can mention 'Update -___'. The answer then automatically goes into the new submission queue again and editors will review it again, being alert to the new, additional details due to mentioning 'Update'. We will also add this to our guidelines.

    I also think it would be a good idea to change the title of the FAQ thread to include the word 'Guidelines' as well. This will alert everyone that they are also the current guidelines.

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    Thank you, I appreciate it. Yes, changing the title of the pinned thread to include the term 'guidelines' would be appropriate.

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