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    Being a housewife was her choice.

    Poonam and I used to study in the same class in the same school. She was so brilliant that I used to ask her about the problems I used to have in any subject.

    Whenever anyone used to ask her about her aim in her life she used to say she wants to be a "Surgeon" and she surely was heading towards her aim steadily.

    She always used to top the class every year. She secured 95% in the 12th standard which was remarkable in 1993 when to score above 90% was very rare, unlike today.

    She left school and we never met after school until one day I saw her in the market with her mom. She was looking as if she got married.

    I smiled at her and asked about her further studies and asked her about her aim to become a surgeon. She said her parents denied and said that they don't have enough money to continue her studies further.

    I was shocked to hear it. Her parents did not know the talent and potential that her daughter had. They literally killed her dreams.

    There are hundreds of Poonams in this society who are not able to continue their education and are married against their wish.

    Today also I get upset whenever I think about her and vow I would not let this happen to my daughter.
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    We should encourage and support the talented students so that they can realise their dream careers. It is really unfortunate when due to personal reasons and financial problems one can not pursue his or her career. Parents are also helpless in such cases. This situation is being faced by many of the prospective students that due to financial constraints they can not continue the higher education.
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    Yes. There are many people in society who are having the required talent and intelligence to go for higher studies. But their family circumstances and financial position may not allow them to go for those studies. They will stop their studies and settle somewhere. There are many boys also who were forced to settle in their lives with a small job due to their family background.
    The government should do something for such people by giving free education or some special loans at no interest so that they will continue their studies and settle well in their lives. Once they start earning they can repay the loans. But these loans should be given without asking for any surety.
    Otherwise, the country will be losing jewels and they will go unnoticed.

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    Hi, according to me, Ms Poonam had a wish to become surgeon but it was never a dream.

    A dream will never gets jolted by external forces, let alone her parents. And her parents did not kill her dream. They just frankly accepted that they cannot afford the educational fees. No offense. It is Ms Poonam's responsibility to search avenues to generate fund via Educational Loan, Student stipends, Scholarship program etc, Or a part time job to get the penny growing. A dream will make you mad to go to the extent unimaginable.

    Life is not a wishing tree, providing you with all you need at the comfort of your sitting.

    And what I see here is the protagonist Ms Poonam, compromised her wish and happy being a house wife. Let's respect her choice.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Yes, there are many people like Poonam, who is very talented but can't achieve their dreams as their family can't afford for higher studies. Nowadays education has become business, schools, and institutions increasing the fess day by day. And many poor and middle-class families can't afford that much fees for children.

    Government has to take an immediate decision to decrease the fees in schools and colleges so that everyone can afford. And the government has to give more scholarships to the right and talented people every year by conducting some talent test. So that talented people like Poonam can pursue their higher education and reach high levels.


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    Looks like Poonam became a housewife almost against her choice ( of becoming a surgeon). The lack of finance is a genuine cause in many families. I've known friends, wherein their parents could educate only 1-2 out of the four children. Most parents would try beyond their limits or take a loan to try and fulfill their children's dreams including education.

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    I would say that Poonam's parents did not kill her dream. We need to accept that many parents do not have enough money to support higher education for their children. It's unfortunate that the girl failed to achieve what she aimed for, but parents do not deserve blame for their inability. If they had created undue hurdles to kill Poonam's desire, then only they deserve blame.

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    Many children especially girls are sometimes deprived of higher education and lose a chance of making a bright career. There might be reasons for it as poor financial condition of the parents, hurry to marry the girl etc but it is an unfortunate thing as the girl is finally suffering in her life.
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    I do seriously realise it's a very very common problem out there. How do you really go with all that things. People have way too many children now, especially our african asian continent and it's a real problem to get them further in their life simply.

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    Indians mind set need to be changed. Especially the very factor of self-pity need to be killed at the go.

    It is not the financial condition, not the societal backdrop, not the customs, not the outside world; but the very same person who thinks he/she is being victimized is the real culprit. The world is wide, ideas are immense, opportunities can be created if you put the will, results can be ascertained if you toil. Do not ask Government for the help. Be self-reliant. If you cannot afford special darshan, come from the normal queue. The aim is not - how soon you see the god, but with what learning and with what effort.

    Next time, please stop pitying girls like Poonam. It will make them conclude themselves as victims. Instead, start creative criticizing them which shall sow a seed in them to think, come out and act. Thanks..

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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