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This thread is the Special prize Winner of the Topic based monthly TOW contest for the month of may'19 on topic "Choice"
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    When Life doesn’t give a choice..

    Hasti, a young girl of 19, was suffocating! The helpless shriek, a glance at her severely bruised friends, augmenting heat in the room, embracing length of the high flames were welcoming her to the land of deaths sending shivers to her spines. She was deeply weeping. She decided – this is her last. She didn't had choice. She jumped off from 3rd floor, Takshashila Complex, Surat and breathed her last!

    No sooner did she fell, than Fire Engines sped by and rescued the left. Life was giggling at her!

    'Life' – is no one to give us a choice. It is us who choose a choice. The choice of ''being stronger until a hope arise". This is the choice what our freedom fighters chose. This is what the choice Lincoln, Ambedkar, Pele, Disney, Lauren, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Buffet, Jeff Bezos, and APJ Abdul Kalam chose during their struggling days. This choice engulfs courage, digs your innate potential ultimatum and aids you to survive till your last breath. If you wait for life to give you a choice – Life giggles at your death!

    "Choose to be stronger to face the heat of the summer to cherish the sweet of the winter".
    "Choose to travel in the midst of the dark tunnel to reach the streaming joy of the festival".

    Let us choose to be stronger to survive the flood of odds, to reach the bud of success;
    And for a change – "Let 'us' giggle at the conquest of 'Life'!

    - Entry for the TOW - "Choice"
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    A very nicely narrated post. We feel choices are there for us but we will not have the choice to shorten or extend our life span. You can't have a moment more or a moment less. It is preprogrammed. There is a saying, which says that our mind will work as per destiny. So the choices we take will be as per the destiny only. It is my belief in life.
    Being bold and not losing our heart until the lost moment should be our choice always. When we are in difficulties we should be brave enough to face and take the choices in such a way that we will face them successfully and survive. This strength will come to us when we have confidence in us.

    always confident

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    The choice is what we choose for our life, for our near and dear ones. But we choose cannot always be good. There is some other aspect to it and that is destiny; doesn't matter what we choose good or bad, destiny has a choice for us.

    It is the destiny that decides our fate, not the choice we make for living our dreams.
    Before fire tenders came, the girl jumped off the building and breathes her last- this a destiny for her, whereas others were rescued to live their life.

    Destiny is above our choice or what we choose for ourselves. What a man chooses sometimes God disposes of your choices and all your plans. A man can make choices but God decides our destiny, a man can't change by his choices!

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    A positive and bold attitude in life is a must for survival. There should be a will to struggle even in extreme adverse conditions and that is the ultimate weapon in our hand to survive.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An interesting entry with good use of the recent sad fire event in which students lost their lives. In panic situations also, one needs to be daring and should not give up till the end. This is easier said than done.
    A very positive and daring outlook can potentially help us to overcome great difficulties but can one cheat fate? But yes, we should not be resigning to our fate but fight it with all the positive energy we have. Having no choice should not be the only option.

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    Good narration by the author about the recent fire incident that occurred in Surat a few days back. It happens with most of us we easily lose hope and in haste, we take the wrong decision. Hasti also took a decision which went wrong because she might have seen the death coming to her in a few minutes and thought she will have a chance to save her life if she jumps from the third floor. She might get saved but it didn't happen and she died and others were rescued. This is upsetting as we cannot blame Hasti for it because she tried her best and she took her decision right as there was a hope that she could have been saved as she was seeing no hope for being rescued. It was her decision which went wrong as she is now blamed that she chose death. Her decision would have been good if she was alive.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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