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    Personal thoughts about a Tamil movie "Thirumanam"

    Basically i don't watch movies much as i don't give much importance to it. I saw very few movies in my life time.

    Recently watched the movie "Thirumanam" with no eagerness. As the story started, i realized each and every scene has some message to our current generation.

    Well, it's not a movie spoiler post.

    But, really watching this movie gives a lot of message to the one who bothers about life and future and for comforts too.

    We are running behind the crazy world and bothered about others thoughts. People around us would stare at us if don't have a bike and so we urge to buy it either by cash or in EMI. This EMI option push everyone to run and run non-stop. You would really get scare while thinking to switch job and to take a break for work. Even a sudden accident and you need rest for 3 months to recover. EMI's are not a good option compared to full payment.

    Full payments - Never get surprised eyes
    EMI payments - Careless, interest and makes spendthrift

    # No EMI"s no tension #

    A one who calculates, monitors the expenses and reduce unnecessary expenses with no trap in EMI is the happiest person in the world.

    Out of my own experience, i understood it is better to buy only essential things. You have rights to speak with your family to reduce expenses and save money for future as there are no job guaranty nowadays.

    # Make hay while the sun shines # * Save money when you are at job *

    People spend money just to show off and to maintain their image at society generally for a marriage. But, people are dies without food and shelter.

    I'm not a very good writer, though i thought to share about importance of money and value of humans.

    Please share your views to be happy without cash crisis.

    *** Live simple and stay peaceful ***
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    Welcome to this site commonly known by its members as ISC. From your write up you seem to be a budding writer and I wish you all the success in your writings and now you are at the right place if you are interested in improvement of your writings as well as learning many things related to creative writing. You can find out many things about this site if you go to the help sections here. As it is a big site having many sections it will take time to get acquainted with it and to sort out the material of your interest so in the beginning you can limit yourself to forum section as well as article section. Read some articles and submit yours considering them as bench mark.

    ISC has some decorum for the submissions its members make here and editors will be seeing them before approval for publishing. So one has to refrain using slang language, unnecessary exclamation letters, special characters, emojis, offensive and abusive language and things like that.

    You have taken some lessons from the Tamil movie Thirumanam. What I could make out from your analysis is that we should not go by what others possess and show off to us rather we should see our means and should remain contented within our financial boundaries for a peaceful life. I also believe in that philosophy and there is nothing like simple life if one can sustain it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to ISC. You have given a very good presentation. Money is important for anyone to have a peaceful life. You can spend it on your comforts and living. But making loans and enjoying life, making loans and making wasteful expenses is also not correct. I have not seen the movies mentioned. But I appreciate the message from the message and I feel everyone should understand the optimum usage of money.
    always confident

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    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

    As i just began writing and learning with this site i believe it will take few days for me to be a good writer.

    I thought to post the message about film because many young earners are caught in interests in various means and even me unknowingly just for family expenses.

    See you in next post with improvements(i believe).

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