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    NOTA my choice - for a better governance

    It's 8:00 am, of 23 April 2019-the voting day. Tia was excited to cast her first vote. She had heard about her rights to vote from her elders, Friends, College & church. Everywhere it was the same discussion & the same questions - You need to vote, it's your right, etc.
    She was ready to go & vote but then suddenly, looked upset. She had many questions going round & round in her mind. Whom should I Vote? Why Should I vote? What is the need of my vote? Will the candidate that I gonna vote stand strong & fulfil his duties?
    It was her choice but how? She sat down in her room & started thinking of all the possibilities. She had many choice, many candidates standing in the election but which one is the ideal one.

    The "Choice" make it possible to shape the world according to one's preferences & Voting was one of it. She made it, now crystal clear as whom to vote went to the booth, did the NOTA & came out relaxed.
    She said to her friend, I had too much choice & it was a trap.
    I had to deliberately eliminate the choice in order to get to my decision & by restricting my choice it made me understand that If I don't vote, they will do it for me(by hook or crook), Why give them a chance & show my concern to the government.

    Voting is my right & NOTA my choice - for a better governance from the government.

    My entry for the Thread of the Week " CHOICE"
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    The author has chosen a good subject for writing something related to 'choice'. A good theme and well presented.

    NOTA is also a choice or rather an option when one finds that none of the candidates is expected to do any good for the society. Casting vote under NOTA category shows that we do not have good candidates and thus reflects on the poor quality of candidates. Just imagine what will happen if NOTA is the majority view. On the other hand a voter who feels that the candidates are not to the standard may not go to the polling station if NOTA is not there. So this option is basically meant to attract even those voters who otherwise may not turn up for voting. There must be other things for keeping NOTA as an interesting option for the variety of voters.

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    NOTA is a good choice but unfortunately, in the present scenario, it is equivalent to an invalid vote. Suppose there are five candidates contesting the election and most of the voters found that none of the candidates is suitable enough to represent them. Therefore a large number of voters pressed the NOTA option in the EVM and only one contestant got 50 votes. In this case, the contestant who got 50 votes will be declared as a winner although most of the votes went to NOTA. Though a person absolutely has the right not to vote for any of the contestants, the winner is the one in whose favour maximum votes are cast.

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    I think to opt for an option of NOTA is just wastage of a vote. That's absolutely true that to caste a vote is a fundamental right of a person. But I don't recommend voting for NOTA as it just doesn't count your vote. As Sankalan mentioned in the above response, NOTA doesn't help you as anyhow if you don't like a person or party to win will win even if people opt for NOTA.

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    Casting our vote for NOTA is like not voting. Even fifty per cent of the votes go for NOTA, the will be kept aside and the winner will be declared based on the majority votes from the remaining. So it is of no use. If there are more votes for NOTA they should disqualify all the people contesting and fresh election should be conducted. But our rules are not like that. As such it is better to vote for the bad from the worst.
    The author has made a good presentation of the choice and I like the way in which he narrated the tola episode.

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    Image of politicians and politics in India needs overhauling and change of image. When we think of a politician in India, the first impression comes to our mind is that they are corrupt , and characterless. This needs to be changed. Youngsters who are service minded should join politics so that people may not use NOTA at all. In the present political system a person cannot contest the election without sufficient money. This needs election reforms.
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    As many said, Voting for NOTA is same as not voting but do consider the below points too :

    1. NOTA gives people an opportunity to express their disapproval. This, in turn, increases the chances of more people turning up to cast their votes, even if they do not support any candidate, and decreases the count of bogus votes. Most Important advantage of NOTA, it helps to avoid False Voting.

    2. If the votes received by NOTA is higher than a certain percent, re-election is to be held. When conducting re-elections, the NOTA button may be disabled to avoid a series of re-elections. Political parties that lose to NOTA to bear the cost of re-election.

    3. Now it's upto the Election Commission to amend the rule of NOTA and to bring in change in the voting. As " if the percentage of NOTA is more the 40 - 50% of total votes done, it should ask the parties to change the candidate as many are not happy with them.

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    I do not know the exact purpose of introducing NOTA by the Govt but one thing is sure that it gives us opportunity to skip the voting process by showing our resentment against the candidates. The Govt also gets a NOTA data in a particular area and may infer from it some valuable information.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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