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    Your attitude is your choice.

    Attitude is a way of behaving under given conditions. You can have a positive attitude or you can have a negative attitude. The choice is yours. When there is a problem you can think about the problem in a positive way with the confidence that you can come out of that problem. In such a case you will be successful.

    For the same problem, you can think negatively and feel that it is difficult to come out of that problem. Then you will succumb to the problem. You will take the choice based on your attitude.

    When the Vanara (Monkey) Sena of Sugriva went on searching for Sita, they couldn't find her. No other place left except Lanka that was being ruled by Ravana. They all reached the seashore and started thinking. To go and search in Lanka one has to cross the ocean. All are worried.

    There are two choices before them.
    1. To cross the ocean and search for Sita.
    2. Not to cross the ocean and go back.

    But Hanuman took it in a positive way with the encouragement received from his colleagues and thought that he can cross the ocean. This positive attitude of him made him cross the ocean and see Sita. If he is taken a negative attitude and not crossed the ocean the story might have been different.

    There will be many choices before you. Your attitude that decides your choice. Amend your attitude to be positive even in difficult situations and you will be successful in your life.

    This my entry for the contest
    Topic for TOW contest for the week 26th May - 1st June'19 - 'Choice'
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    Very motivating post by the author. A positive attitude is the key to the success in life. Persons having positive attitude take prudent decisions and are composed in their approach.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A lovely use of the word choice. Yes, many things in our lives comes down to our choice and our demeanour and attitude is one of them.

    If we have a positive outlook and think in a constructive way, we can achieve many things, if we have a negative view and think in a destructive way, we end up destroying many things including ourselves. For instance, most of us do many things in life to make our own lives(and others) better, whereas the attitude of a terrorist is totally opposite and ends up taking many lives (often including their own).

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    Yes, a positive attitude is important in one's life. If we see everything in a negative mind and drop to proceed, we never get succeed. We have to think off negative sides, but shouldn't stop trying. We should have hope in ourselves and go with a positive attitude. If we get to succeed or not is secondary, but it is important to try with hope of getting success.

    No matter how hard to do the thing, One should think positively and try to get success. Nice thread by the author. I appreciate the way he has given the example of Sita and Hanuman.


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    Attitude is what matters in life to progress or not to progress. It is up to us to decide what we want to be in life, a winner or a loser, and then life moves in that direction which we choose to be. The author has stated a very right example in the write-up.

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    That's for sure, but sometimes we all are under pressure and that's really gets us down for example. Sometimes you really cannot do anything with all those tasks which are over your head and then just bubble over and that's it. I recommend to solve them one by one.

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    Its very true that attitude is our own choice. Its up to us to develop a negative attitude or positive attitude. Negative attitude has adverse effects on our life. Positive attitude in our life helps us to achieve success and lead peaceful life.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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