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    The man who never kept his promise

    It's not my relative or friend and actually, I am not talking about any particular person here. Promising something and not keeping them may be a habit of many and I think by this time you are trying to list out the names of persons who never kept their promises. If you are really making the list, carry on! Also, include their professions on the list and it will be very interesting to study the trend. You may find that persons of a particular profession always break promises. Take the case of a vendor who promised to bring fresh fruits on a particular day but didn't turn up on that day and came much later with a smiling face saying there were no fresh fruits in the wholesale market on that day. He did the same thing the next week. There may be many like this.

    Once during my childhood, I asked my father whether he can tell who the persons are who never keep their promises. He couldn't answer and from my observation, I told him that the technicians never keep their promises. I found that they never turn up on the time they promise. They always come late and give certain excuses, be it the local electrician, carpenter, plumber or even the painter, they cannot come in the appointed time. Members, do you think keeping the promise has something to do with a trade? List out your interesting findings.
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    In my opinion, most of the service providers don't keep their promises.

    It's very upsetting when the vendor doesn't keep his promise. Recently I bought a sofa set a few months back and at that time the matching puffy were out of stock and he promises that he will deliver the same in 2 days but till after 2 months he had not turned up. We call him 2 times a week and says he will deliver them tomorrow but his tomorrow doesn't come. We have been thinking to go to his shop and will ask to return money for the puffy.

    This is strange that he behaves like this. He might be having some problems but he should remember that the date he commits with the customer he should keep his commitment otherwise what customer will create his image in mind. Also wherever I give anything for repairing the vendor won't be able to return the appliance on time. This is what I have been observing for years.


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    Yes. Technicians are the one who doesn't keep their promises.
    I landed my Bajaj Chetak scooter for repairs in a workshop in January 2018. Whenever I visited him to know the repair status, he would say that it would be ready by Saturday. So many Saturdays have passed. The scooter is yet to be repaired. As I am not in urgent need of that scooter, I don't worry the delay

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    Yes. There are many people who never keep up their promises.
    In this aspect, I feel Politicians will be in the first place. They make many promises before the elections and once they win they are not visible and they will forget the promises and come out with their excuses. If a technician is not coming in time, next time you will go for another technician. But a leader elected can't be changed for the next five years. So I think the loss may be more to us if a leader is not keeping up his promise than a technician not keeping up his promise. Of course, there are exemptions for some people everywhere. There are good technicians and there are good politicians.
    My experience with a technician in my area is different. He will be on time and he will do a neat job and he charges very reasonably. Such technicians may be very less these days. There are people in all professions who never keep their promises.

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    The author has posted an interesting matter that promises are generally not kept. People make them time to time just to pass that moment and then forget about it. Many people make promises and tell that they will do it for you tomorrow or they will see you in the evening or they will do something for you on such and such day but alas, those timings and days never turn out.
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    Many say that promises are meant to be broken but on the other side what if we are affected. We start blaming others but do we keep our promises.
    Say, We tell our children, This week I will take you to a movie, outing but when the week arrive we break them saying, have lot of work(Office or home) to complete. These become so common that our children never take our words seriously.
    The same with others, The sales person will node yes to everything when you go to buy a thing but after that, you have to be behind them for little things.
    The politicians has big manifestos for the crowd but do we see any thing being done by them, No...
    The big companies which advertise 100% natural / Herbal, Lest we find that that product is banned as found full of chemical.
    As I was going through this post, just thought of the poem by Robert Frost " The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep."

    Now a days its a common trend that promises are easily broken or to put it the other way - Who has time to keep up with their PROMISES.

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