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    Amit Shah successor to Sri. Narendra Modi?

    Sri. Narendra Modi has been chosen as the Prime Minister for the 17th Loksabha. By the time the term of the loksabha ends in 2024, Shri. Narendra Modi will turn 73 years. BJP has been critical about politicians continuing as Ministers beyond the age of 75 years. Due to this senior BJP leaders like Shri. L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi was not inducted in to the Ministry.

    For the first time now Sri. Amit Shah has contested and won the election. He is likely to become number 2 or 3 in the Union Cabinet. Comparatively among the senior leaders of BJP, Shri. Amit Shah is the youngest. Sri. Amit shah is 54 years old.

    Is BJP is looking at Sri. Amit Shah as the successor to Sri. Narendra Modi?
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    Amit Shah has surely played a big role as king maker in both the 2014 and 2019 LokSabha Elections which obviously have created speculation about he might be successor of PM Modi.
    Although, i defer. In my opinion, Amit Shah is very good as handling party affairs and elections but he is not the face acceptable to others as the head of Government because administration of a party and a Govt. both are different things.
    In addition to that, after Modi will retire from politics, there are many more big leaders in BJP in a queue for PM race and they are far more competent for PM post than Amit Shah. My personal belief is that Smriti Irani is PM material and can administer Govt. very well. She is also disciple of PM Modi and therefore she has been trained under the leadership of PM Modi and reflection of the same is also visible in her communication skills and conducts as well.
    By the way, these are all mere speculations. No prediction can survive in politics and that too prediction before 5 years.

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    Amit Shah is equally responsible, if not more than Modi, for the success of the party. His planning and execution of the plan proved to be very successful. The TRS dominated Telangana gave 4 MPs to BJP this time. This happened mainly due to the selection of candidates from the constituencies. He came to this state and campaigned. Wherever he conducted a meeting his party won in Telangana. Wherever chances are good he made them better by his presence.
    It is too early to decide who will be the successor to Modi. Still another 5 years to go. There are many leaders in the party who can emerge as candidates for that in the coming times. We can't rule out the chances for Shah or Smriti.
    BJP is one party where there is a cadre for the party that works for the party without expecting anything in return. So many good leaders will definitely emerge in the long run, I feel.

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    It is difficult to decide the successor of Mr Modi as he is unparalleled in his own ways. Still the next seniors in the party will by default qualify for that post. Amit Shah is a great manager and organiser and he is the vertebrae of the party. His resource planning and keeping the people together is a great quality which few politicians posses.
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    So far, Mr.Modi has not indicated who would be his successor. Mr.Amit Shah has proven his mettle on more than one occasion and has been referred by various titles including 'Chankya' of Indian politics. He is certainly a worthy successor to Mr. Modi. He would have to contend with Mr.Gadkari and other leaders. One thing BJP should not do is to have multiple faces and internal squabbles.

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    Amit Shah is the most resourceful and most important person in the BJP. However it does not make him eligible as the successor of Mr Modi. He will be one among the contenders and definitely a prospective contender. Amit Shah has done his job very well and has shown his exceptional organisational capabilities. He is instrumental in bringing BJP to this level today. His loyalty and devotion to the party is exemplary and other parties should learn from his was of working. Presently he is in very good books of the PM and is consulted by PM in all the confidential matters. That shows the inherent strength of Amit Shah.
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    Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Modi cabinet 2.0 and the newcomers in that including Amit Shah.

    Amit Shah was a close team mate in Modi's cabinet when Modi was Gujarat Chief Minister. The duo had now created history by winning the Lok Sabah elections a second time in succession.

    BJP needs experienced and efficient leaders . The party lacks such second level ring. Many of its leaders and experienced ministers are now much aged. The party now needs relatively young leaders for leading the party to future glories. It is with that aim that now Amit Shah is properly groomed, so that he can be a promising and ready leader to carry the party and govt in future to have smooth transition and continuity.
    The recent Lok Sabha elections saw emergence of many youth and many of them have won. That augurs well for the party.

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    I don't think the party is thinking in that line and Mr Modi is always ahead of Mr Shah in terms of leading the mass and the country. Mr Modi is presently the face of the BJP and people of this country voted him to power because of his charisma. Undoubtedly, Mr Amit Shah has managed the party well and is instrumental in its success to get the majority on its own. Mr Shah has a very good organizational skill but doesn't have the mass appeal. With this thumping majority, the responsibility of the BJP led NDA also increased a lot. The government has to give thrust to many sectors and since Mr Shah has a good organizational capability Mr Modi has chosen him as his colleague. Now the focus must be on governance and implementing new strategies. It is expected that a man who organizes the party affairs very well can also effectively manage the ministry efficiently and therefore will hold a key portfolio in the cabinet. Let's hope that the new government brings out strategies for all-round development of the country and implements it effectively.

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    I think the tactical move by Shri Modi in inducting Mr Amit Shah as a member of the Cabinet indicates that he won't be succeeding Shri Modi. The performance of Mr Shah as the President of the BJP and his role in getting back the party to power with a super majority has been lauded by one and all across party lines. Shri Modi enjoys being the centre of power and he won't encourage any possible contenders to stand in his way. So, considering all these aspects, I don't think Amit Shah will succeed Modi. Only time will tell if this is beginning of the end to Shri Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd!
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    Amit Shah will be the worthy successor of Narendra Modi. Even in Gujarat, he was the 2nd-in-command after the death of Haren Pandya. The same rule is being followed in Central Government also.

    But there would be a void in the party's organizational structure. Who will fill up the post of party president? I think Jagat Prakash Nadda will be an able successor who would be assisted by Ram Madhav, Bangaru Dattatreya, Sunil Deodhar and other RSS ideologues, in future.

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    Shri. Amit Shah is now number 2 in the Indian Government. He has been chosen by Sri. Narendra Modi for the home ministry which was earlier looked after by Rajnath Singh. This is an indication that Sri. Amit Shah will succeed Sri. Narendra Modi in the 2024 Parliamentary elections.
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