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    Value for life is not the same for everyone

    As far as life is concerned there is no distinction n Indian Jurisprudence. All are equal irrespective of religion, caste, creed, rich or poor. But in reality, it is not the same. Life of a rich person has more value than the life of a poor person.

    A few days back I was witness to a road accident. While a person, who appeared to be a villager, was crossing the road, he was knocked down by a two-wheeler. He suffered minor injuries with bruises on his body. The sad part is that everyone was shouting at him and showing improper gestures but no one cared to help him. Some of us took him to the side and gave him water and later, as he recovered, left the place.

    I was wondering about the attitude of the people, just because he is poor, the fault comes on his head. If it was a rich or prominent person, the story would have been different. Why this double standard among people?
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    Yes, I agree with the author, that value if life is not the same for everyone. In my opinion, in our country, many people give importance to religion, color, money instead of honesty and true-hearted persons. Still, there are some uneducated people, who say don't touch the poverty below people, don't make friends with those people, etc. Some will give more importance to the same religious people.

    In many schools also, teachers give importance to rich students than poor students. They show clear discrimination to the poor students. This should change, every student has to be given equal importance, then only our Indian will develop more.


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    This may possibly be the scenario this time but generalizing this on overall basis is no logic because we have other good instances wherein irrespective of the differences someone not got refused of the help but I do agree in context to the main heading of this thread that this will continue to vary.

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    This is nothing new if we look back in time right up to the ancient civilizations of the world, double standards or differential treatment did exist. The same situation evoking a different reaction was noted based on caste, based on money/nobility, based on gender and based on legitimacy (offsprings).

    In the present day world, not only India, many other countries do face the same reaction. There are so many people who are victims of circumstances end up facing hardships and or losing a life ( the homeless, the beggars, the illegal migrants, etc) without raising an alarm or concern among majority of the people. We cannot change it but what you and your friends did is commendable and this is what we can do and hope that many others follow us.

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    Values are instilled during childhood and we are brought up in a way where we witness discrimination everywhere. When everybody is a part of the same group having a partisan attitude it affects our values. A few like the author think about life from a different angle, where everybody is equal to them, and set examples in our society. The problem with many of us is we do not go deep inside the problems and just keep on following others without thinking whether it is correct or not. There is still a long way to go as most of us are wearing masks unknowingly.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author has brought up a relevant discussion in the context of modern times. Yes, it is very true that some people treat rich and poor differentially. It is a social stigma rather than an individual trait. We mimic what other people do and do not use our own prudence in the matter. Still, there are many who see it without disparity and treat everyone equal. We must come out from our mindset that rich people are made with different material and require respect and care by all surrounding them.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I do agree with the author that people do discriminate between the rich and the poor. But, as Ved Prakash has correctly said, it would not be prudent to form a general opinion on this based on isolated facts, especially in the case of road accidents.

    In the incident cited by the author, the man who met with the accident was shouted upon and abused by most of the public present. This can happen even if the man was well dressed and had invited the accident due to his carelessness. It would be wrong to say that he was shouted upon just because he was not well dressed. The general tendency of the public in such matters is to succumb to mob mentality. They just join the crowd.

    Haven't you noticed that it is always the person who is riding a bigger vehicle who gets bullied whenever an accident occurs? Let us also note that we are living in a very busy world and people don't have time to care for others. Yet we get to see so many instances where some people are busy shooting the accident on their mobiles instead of extending some support or trying to save a life.

    So, it is not (at) all about being rich or poor, it is all about the way our perception about the value of life has changed.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    It is the only mind- set differentiating between poor and rich and very often we have seen in the schools that teachers pay a different treatment to those hailing from rich families and poor children lack the attention of the teachers. This trend is not only applicable in the school stages but it can be seen in other places as well such as markets, parks, theatres where you can see the prolonged talk between the classes of people of the same status. It means that there is a clear demarcation between the two classes rich and poors and these classes are like two parallel lines having no convergence at any point.
    Such a perception was not visible in the yester years but with the time, such attitudes of bifurcation between the classes is distinctly being seen. We need to bring some cohesion in our thoughts.

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    Yes. In this society, it is always a big problem. A rich man will be respected more than a poor man. A rich man comes to our house, we invite him with a big fanfare and a poor man come we will take it a very light way. It is not correct.
    But in case of accidents on the roads, the public will find fault always with the bigger vehicles. If there is an accident between a car and a scooter it is a general practice to shout on the car driver.
    All human beings are equal. One should treat all equal. When a rich man comes to your house if you give him a costly gift, he will never feel excited. He feels as if it is nothing for him. But if the same gift if you give to a poor man he will be delighted and he will feel happy.
    Never discriminate people with the richness. Discriminate good and bad. Help others who really deserve.

    always confident

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