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    Wearing of scarf for hygiene, or to hide the identity.

    These days we see girls increasingly wearing scarfs.Wearing of scarf protects from dust and pollution. There are some persons who use the scarf to hide the identity and indulge in illegal activities.

    Should the Government ban wearing of scarf?
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    Those who go around with uncovered faces don't indulge in illegal activities? Or is it that women with masked faces alone are a threat? How will uncovering the face affect the intent?

    Should not we also be asking for a ban on helmets, especially those with visors? What of backpacks and dickies where illegal stuff can be easily concealed? And a ban on loose flowing clothes under which a lot of stuff can be concealed.

    If only there was a 'right' dressing code that could eliminate illegal activities. Minds and hearts have to change because they control thinking and actions. I will support a ban if it guarantees that it will put a stop to all illegal activities.

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    It is improper to think that people wear a scarf to hide their identity. It is only the ladies who wear a scarf to protect their head and face from dust. Moreover, it is happening only in dust-filled metro cities. When men can wear a full-size helmet with a visor, why not women with a scarf? There is nothing wrong in protecting our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair from dust by wearing a scarf.

    The government should never attempt to ban wearing a scarf.

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    In the present environment, we must follow various other countries and ban various dresses which cover the face.
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    Nowadays, if you look around many men also wear a kerchief or a scarf while riding two wheelers. It is for both but we cannot judge based on only fact that the person is wearing a scarf.

    The good side of it is that, for girls and women, the scarfs,long hand gloves etc help in prevent the skin for getting tanned and dark, also helps to keep the dust out. The other side is there are people who wear long scarfs covering their entire face except the eyes which helps them to hide their faces when out in a park or a movie etc.

    Should we question it, it is not our business apart from having our own views. Should the government ban it, so far we have no reports of people with scarves posing a security threat, if there are such events, then there should be a public debate and a sensible decision taken.

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    No. The government cannot ban it because most of the girls hide their face by using a scarf to protect themselves from the dust, pollution and sun rays. As these days pollution is increasing because of the traffic so there is no harm if someone gives protection to the face b using scarf.

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    We need not think that scarfs are useful for hiding their identity. The atmosphere is becoming bad and people who move on roads for their works and living should protect their skin and they should keep up their health. So I don't see anything wrong in wearing a scarf around the face. Even ladies also when they drive a two-wheeler will use a helmet. That is for their safety. Similarly, the people covering their face for their health is also to be accepted. We know there are some people who use full body cover as per their custom and only eyes are visible. When that is acceptable, why not this?
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    It is basically to protect the skin from dust particles and very common for the ladies going on bike, cycle etc. Even the pedestrians are wearing it in the scorching sun. Let us not link it to hiding and doing legal activities behind that mask. It will be too much of conjecturing.
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    Many a times wearing a mask is misunderstood. It is same, the one who wears the mask or not, if he /she has to do illegal activities, he will find a way. Its actually the innocent people who bear the brunt of culprits.
    Due to the climatic condition, not only women but men too wear mask to cover themselves from the scorching heat, Pollution, Dust, etc.
    Now if Government feel that wearing a scarf/mask is a threat to the masses, then they need to ban for everyone & citizen need to understand the need of time & accept the change.
    Using of scarf/mask is not gender based but protection based.

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    Wearing a mask by women especially from Muslim - community was designed to prevent Males to see the exposed part of ladies. Even their prophets recommended wearing such dresses. It has been designed in such a manner that the benificiaries would not be disturbed in the normal process of inhalations or viewing any objectives. Once such a dress code was introduced by their prophets, this was later put to use.
    The other benifits with this dress code is to get rid of dust- pollution, scorching heat of outside and hiding their own identities.
    In other words, such a dress worn by ladies offer them extra protection from anti - social elements hence I don't think the Government would come to modify this present design.

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    Wearing a scarf should be banned irrespective of gender for security reasons
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    As far as India is concerned, wearing scarf is not that a threat; but, it surely conceals the identity of the person if worn over face. As face is the primary part with which a person can be identified, face should be let free when entered into private property (Malls, Jewelry outlets, Apparels outlets ects) or indoor of the public property (ATM - anywhere it is banned to conceal your face in ATM, Bank, Antic pieces Museum etc).

    In response to Ms Juana, it would not make any difference if any attire (loose clothe) or a thing (dickies or backpacks) could conceal stuffs until a person is identified by his face. If the face itself is concealed as in case of burglary where thieves and robbers use it like a tool to escape law (and may escaped so far), it is advised not to cover their face at least when indoors or entering a restricted property. Helmets are made legal while on driving but in case of scarfs, it is not as if so.

    I do know, girls use scarfs to avoid allergy and direct exposure to sun, but need to avoid when entered reserved properties for security reasons.

    And please don't blame me if I say, I have few friends (girls) in my circle who scarf their face to conceal identity when roaming with their boyfriends. Lol. No offense though :)

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    Using any dress covering the face must be banned for security reasons. We must not wait for any mishap to happen. Proactive action is necessary.

    Governments (both Central and State) must show guts for the sake of the country and its people.

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    They are hiding their face to hide themselves in the cover of hygienic. They forget and ignore the danger behind such practice. Many children are deceiving their parents later they deceiving themselves.

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    In the recent happenings in Sri Lanka, the men were not wearing masks, but they did carry backpacks with explosive devices. There are so many cases of blasts where explosives were concealed inside vehicles.

    Helmets have been used to conceal identity. Have you not read of chain snatching gangs that move around on bikes, wearing helmets? Or of shootings where bike-borne assailants pumped bullets into their victims? Or robberies?

    Do you think burglars will adhere to rules and not cover their faces while committing a theft? Will security personnel that man shopping malls and office premises etc., be able to avert incidents. Those with wicked intentions will carry them out, no matter what.

    I hadn't realised that this was a covert attempt to target people from a particular community. I took it to be more of a general discussion. Anyway, I see girls from all communities covering themselves in scarves. Should that be banned? I wonder what will happen to traditions then – women in Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh wear the ghoonghat, which covers the face.

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    Hi Juana,

    Complete security is a paradox. That is why we would see many reports reading accidents, crashes, burglaries everyday. What little mankind can do is to limit the disasters to the extent possible.

    Two wrongs cannot make a right. Wearing helmet acting as identity concealment not to be compensated with wearing scarf. The latter can outright be get away with if it is not religion that bothers the mob at the cost of their own safety. As complete security is a myth, micro-managing routine action of human beings to curtail accidents/disasters is impossible. Nonetheless, self-awareness and self-conscious comes a long way. In many cases, disasters are the responses for the stimuli created by the victim. Period.

    And, as you have highlighted the recent bombing at Sri Lanka, many terrorists been identified as their face was visible over the security cameras.

    Again, few kind of scarves act as a license to steal and rob to anti-social elements, though they are not religiously abide with scarfing. Thanks.

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    In my opinion, girls wear the scarf for hygiene purpose in most cases, to protect themselves from pollution, dust, sun rays, etc. And few women use it to hide their identity when they were with there boyfriends, But not in most cases. And I think there is nothing wrong in that, and there is no need to ban wearing scarfs.

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    Since there are no much woman terrorists, women should be allowed to wear a scarf for hygiene, but not men or boys. Men and boys wearing a scarf should be suspected and pulled up.
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    Mr. SuN: "Since there are no much woman terrorists, women should be allowed to wear a scarf for hygiene,......"-----------What does this mean? Are you arriving straight from Mars or Jupiter?

    Further, not only terror activities, this headgear by women can be used in criminal activities also. Many jewelry shops of Mumbai and Surat have banned dresses covering body and face.

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