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    Phone phobia- Mobile phone causes anxiety -

    In olden days whenever we receive a telegram, mostly it comes with a bad news. Everyone must have experienced calls at odd time like during midnight and when we are fast asleep. Most of the time the calls are from telecallers. But the call disturbs us and results in anxiety.

    For some people the mobile calls results psychological disorder. How to come out of this phone phobia and anxiety?
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    I never heard of mobile calls leading to the psychological disorder. But usage of mobile phones for a long time like playing the game for hours, frequently checking of social media status leads to some health problems.

    For blocking the calls from spam, telecallers, we can install the apps like the true caller. Using these apps we can cut the calls from spam automatically by doing simple settings. To come out of the phobia and anxiety, one has to put their phone in silent mode in the night time and can check for calls in the morning. And one has to control the usage of phones and not get addicted to phones.


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    The user has to decide whether using a mobile phone is a compulsion or for a certain purpose. The best way is to keep the mobile phone in silent mode or switched off when you don't want to get disturbed by callers. You can activate the DND service in your number to stop unwanted calls from the telecallers and also use certain apps, as mentioned by Ramya @ #666396, to stop calls from specific numbers. I think you are worried and anxious about receiving calls at night especially at odd hours. In that case, it's better to switch off the mobile phone at a scheduled time during the night. But if you are always anxious while receiving calls on your mobile phones I would suggest you to completely discard using them. Whatever be the case, nobody has the right to disturb you or make you anxious. You have ample choices to make while using any smart device and hope you should consciously choose them so that you do not feel disturbed at any time.

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    Phone phobia is more of an apprehension about could it be a bad news? could it be an unwanted person or it could be just the fear of what to say to the person on the other end.

    I think, we need to slowly encourage such people to tell us why they fear the phone ringing and then help them. We can gradually increase the call load, change the tone or seek advise of psychologists. Switching of the phone may not be a good idea because if there is a genuine emergency or reason for a family member or a client or a contact to get in touch with us, then it can have potential adverse effects.

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    The mobile phone brought a revolution in communication technology. There are very good advantages for these phones. But it is we to decide how best we can use it for an advantage. We can know who is calling and if you feel like not answering you need not worry. Just you can ignore it. You will know whether a call is a fake call by installing Truecaller and you need not attend to those calls. Whenever you don't want to receive any calls you can keep the phone in silent mode or switch off mode. Generally, it is better to keep your phone in silent mode and away from your bed in the night times so that you will not get disturbed.
    when there are many advantages, there may be some problems. But the user should be wise enough to use the facility properly and get the advantage out of it. Technology will bring many developments. But it is the hands of the human being to use it for his advantage or disadvantage.

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