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    Use of Nouns as Verbs

    Hello Every one,
    I have returned to ISC after a very long time. Just saw the thread on "If a snake can be used as a verb". Absolutely yes.

    "The creepers snaked the wall." - taken from Jhumpa Lahiri's Novel "The Unaccustomed" a novel that I read many years ago. I was highly impressed by the use of the word snake as a verb. Therefore I remember it till date and started experimenting with other words as well.

    For example:
    Fish: Don't fish for compliments.
    Bridge: It is essential to bridge the difference of opinions among friends.
    Water: You need not water the plants today as it is raining.
    Plant: Many trees are planted each year on World Environment Day.
    - and so on.
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    Welcome back Deepshree, to this knowledge sharing platform. It is always good feelings to see the old members coming back to contribute. You might be remembering that in your time the forum section used to be very vibrant and interesting, believe me, it is as full of energy today as in those times. I hope now you get some time out of your busy schedule and stay here for a longer period. All the best.

    Yes, using nouns as verb is always exciting as it gives a new dimension to the usual words. You have given a few good examples. I will like to add a few from my side.

    All these items are to be housed there.
    The proposal is to be tabled today.
    We used car pooling to transport ourselves to the trade fair.
    I asked him to light the cave entrance using a candle.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The usage of nouns as verbs is interesting.
    Some years back when "Gold Spot" a soft drink that was marketed in our country used to advertise a lot for that product.
    One of their ads I remember, " Have you gold spotted today". Similarly, they used to advertise their product saying, " Gold spotting is very exciting"
    I hope we will see many interesting posts from the senior member who returned back to the channel after a long gap. I wish her a happy and fruitful journey on this site once again.

    always confident

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    Welcome back. You have posted some interesting uses of the noun as verb. They are really interesting for the people interested in learning the language in its different variations and writing styles. Many writers use words in different ways making their writings fascinating and impressive.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Welcome back & a good post to start with. This itself says a lot about ISCians. Never thought this way but yes, many writers has their own style as the Artist have.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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