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    Choice - old generation versus new generation

    In olden days , our life had limited choices. When we were young, our choices were decided by parents. The food we eat, dress we wear, the places we visit , schools, colleges, courses, profession etc were choices of our parents. Even marriages were also decided by our parents.

    But the present generation is exception to this. They have better options to make their choices. What type of food they should eat, the dress they wear, which school , college they should get admitted, which course they should chose, the profession, life partner etc are chosen by them.
    Most of the people will agree that the choices made by our parents were equally good or may be better than the choices made by our younger generation. Whether it is a profession or choice of a life partner. In olden days people have lead successful and trouble free life with the choices made by our parents.

    When we analyze the success rate of choices between the older generation and present generation, the choices made by the older generation is sits on healthy ground. The success rate among present generation is poor particularly in marriages. Number of divorce cases is on the increase. in olden days parents chose life partners. The main consideration for a marriage was family background. As per a African proverb "When the root is deep there s no reason to the wind". Like wise the child grown in cultured family becomes root cause for a successful life.

    My entry for the TOW topic-based contest on choice
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    Today the new generation has a plethora of the choices which the erstwhile generation did not have. Today technology advancement and better financial conditions have enabled people to exercise a variety of options and choices in their lives. This to some extent has given much leverage to the younger people in choosing their interests, hobbies and career. The world is changing and new avenues are emerging out for charting out a career path and future in the modern times.
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    This theory of the perfect marriages in the olden days needs to be debunked. Divorce rates were lower not because marriages were successful back then. There were other factors at play that made people stay on in bad marriages.

    There was a stigma attached to divorce and women in particularly chose to remain in abusive relationships instead of walking out. Women weren't independent – they had no money nor familial backing to even contemplate divorce. Women lacked education, their freedom and thinking were often curtailed.

    The belief that the husband's home was their only home was entrenched into their minds such that they surrendered to their fate. Abuse, mental and physical happened back then too. Today, women have a voice and walk out instead of choosing to remain in a marriage. I say more power to women who take a decision of ending a bad marriage, they can do it for they now choose to exercise their choice.

    It's ironical that parents who chose life partners for their children lacked the courage to stand by them when things went bad. Adjust, compromise etc., were words hurled as advice. Let's not gloat that divorces were few, let's hang our heads in shame that we didn't do enough to support our daughters. I feel the present generation is optimising their choices and that is a good thing.

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    It is very true and I fully agree that in olden times women had no choice as she was dependent socially and financially on the husband and husband's family. However difficult and tormented their lives were they had no options and had to stay in that situation only. Today the things have changed significantly and a working woman can take her own decision to live in her own ways .
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    Good post to have a debate. Its true that choice made back then were compelled to do. Many were not happy or even stood on inorder to save the family but many others were happy. It's just like a coin with a head & tail. The choice made by them had good as well as bad effect. Now due to more exposure to everything, one does not have patience to adjust or compromise, all they know is to leave if not going well. Even the parents of the new gen are to be blamed.
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    Those days the exposure of a child had to the world is very less. There were no proper communication methods. People used to depend more on the experience and the advice of the elders. Those days the world is very big and ours is a small place. We didn't know what was happening elsewhere. But these days it is the global village concept and we feel the world is very small. Hence it is inevitable that changes will take place.
    I don't want to get into the discussion of success rate or percentage between the two ages. But those days people are innocent and they were all going by the book. Once marriage is taken place they have to be together irrespective of their living conditions. They never used to think of divorce. But these days people are having their own thoughts and their own plans for their living and no one is ready to compromise. This is the main difference I am witnessing from the past to the present. There are many choices these days but there were no choices those days.

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    The so called 'generation gap' is just an illusion but the correctness in that is lake of understanding. Even youngsters,in those days, agreed,obeyed and act according to the guidance of elders. We cannot show one single person failed or suffered because of seniors advice. But suddenly the word generation gap creepe and spoiled the entire society. This further lead them to have bad character by insulting elders through their words and action in the guise of generation gap. Parents also by following western culture and ignoring our own culture spoiled the youngsters in the name of privacy.

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    I agree that divorce rates are less in old generation than in the new generation. But I don't think all the old generation couples were that happy and leading their life happily. In olden days, ladies were afraid of doing anything against their parents, husband, in-laws, family members, etc. Even if they don't like they don't use to say it out and live that only even if they were not happy. I agree that compromise plays a major role in married life, but not to that extent of people lose themselves and their identity in the name of marriage. Now men and women are living in a world where they can share their views equally and live life as they want. So I like the new generation in this matter.

    And in olden days we use to not have any computers, mobile phones, so people use to chit chat with each other and share their views with others in their free time. But now a conversation between people became less and all are getting dependent on the technology. Getting dependent on technology to some extent is good but totally depending on it is not that good I think so.


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    Most for the negative aspects that happened in the 'olden days' were either hidden between four walls, silenced by the patriarchial attitude, slow percolation of the events. In today's world the gender equality and standing up for women's rights, the rapid spread of news via all forms of media including social media has brought in a change in the way men view women (a daughter-in-law, a wife, a colleague, etc).

    The only thing that I feel was good in the olden days was the value of money. What our parents managed with a few hundred rupees, we know need a few thousand.

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