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    Diplomacy - a tool to avoid confrontations

    Diplomacy, in political circles, is already an established tool or method to deal with the different people and situations and find out a surviving path amid crisis. The successful leaders are well known for their diplomatic ways. In international politics, diplomacy is the foremost thing in realising the best of international relations and mutual trade practices.

    I feel that even in our day to day life or social space, diplomacy plays a crucial role. It is natural that while interacting with people occasions will come when difference of opinions would emerge and it can many times very well lead to conflicts and confrontations. A diplomatic person with his diplomatic skills can tackle these situations in a non offending and non invasive manner paving ways to amicable settlements of the issues. Of course, it requires experience and patience to do so but I have seen that diplomatic persons achieve this most of the times.

    Do you also believe that diplomacy is a good thing to apply in our life in different situations and challenging times? What are your views on this? Please share.
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    Diplomacy reduces confrontation and aggression. Most of the trouble in the world is due to lack of diplomacy. This is true not only at the world level but also at individual level. Most of the issues and problems could be sorted out with diplomatic approach. It very true that to clap we need both the hands. When one tends to take positive step , the other also tend to reciprocate.
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    I do not agree. There are many views on diplomacy. Many say that war is an extension of diplomacy whereas some other say that war is the failure of diplomacy. On the other hand, diplomacy is a confrontation between/among parties following the norms and procedures set in the Vienna Conference (1815).

    So, let us not say that diplomacy is a tool to avoid confrontations. Sometime, diplomacy is more dirty and employ terrible pressure tactics on other party causing possibility of war. Example: Treaty of Versailles (1919-1920).

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    Diplomacy is an art, not everyone can shoot diplomatic answers. I think being diplomatic requires a combination of shrewdness and slyness. People who wriggle out of tight situations with their cleverly thought of responses and actions are to some extent conniving.

    One can say that it avoids confrontation, so it does, for the moment. However, it is impossible to read such a person's mind and gauge their actions. They flow with the tide, nothing wrong with that, but it also signals a lack of spine.

    I am more comfortable around people who wear their heart on their sleeve, you know what to expect from them – they don't throw any surprises. I see more honesty in them, even if it is brutal and ugly, at least they are being genuine, and show the world their real selves. It is fine to be diplomatic once in a way, but I'm wary of people who practice it in all their interactions.

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    Many people use and exercise diplomatic methods and generally they are popular in their friend circle and society. It is true that everyone can not be a diplomat as it needs some element of cleverness and probably a bit of cunningness also. It is also well known that diplomatic people embrace more success in life than the other normal ones.
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    A diplomatic approach may avoid confrontation for a while but not permanently, I feel. One day or other the problem is to be tackled permanently. So I feel it is better to be more open and see that the problems will settle down then and there, rather than extending for a long time. Many instances are there in history where diplomacy proved to be not the answer.
    Yudhistara wanted Lord Krishna to negotiate with Duryodhana to settle the problems diplomatically. He told him to ask for at least 5 cities for five of them. But Lord Krishna knows that this was not a permanet answer for stopping the problems. So when he went as an ambassador of Pandavas to Kauravas, he tried to convince them diplomatically but when it was going beyond control, he opened up and straightly told Kauravas that they will die in the war if they are not caring for his words.
    So I feel the diplomatic approach is not a permanent answer and one day or other we should come out openly with our views.

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    Diplomacy is an art, which when carried, brings in peace more than the one who says their mind. Many arguments can be solved diplomatically than proving whos right. Being Diplomat needs Patience & skill. We often tend to be polite or diplomate but after a certain period of time cannot handle the situation the way it is & speak which adds fuel to fire. Many a times Diplomacy gives you good result & name in society.
    On the other side, One need to study the person, for diplomate has two faces. He may act good in front of others but can be a poison.
    A well maintained diplomacy is welcomed.

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    Diplomacy not always worked here really. How do you plan to go somewhere with your goals when you simply can't get something done to even some modest result ? it's really not the case of all that. i do understand that you need to be descriptive;)

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    Yes, diplomacy can be a tool to avoid many confrontations but it's really hard to judge a diplomatic person. I think many politicians are great diplomats and change their stance according to the situation. They know how to tackle those situations by avoiding conflicts and maybe that's why they gain so much support. Each election they promise new schemes and articulate in such a way that a large section becomes influenced. In our real life also we come across many such people who solve things diplomatically to please all. It's a special capability and not everybody is an expert in it. Diplomats cannot say the black a black because many people do not like persons who are straightforward. If a group do not like a person it is not possible for that person to solve problems of the group. They win friends by gaining the confidence of all types of people and stay in their good book. Diplomacy is a good way to solve many issues especially the challenging ones but becoming the diplomat is not that easy.

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    Let the Diplomacy be in the politics and not in our daily and family life. In international or national politics Diplomacy work wonder but in our daily life, it is confusing. Why I say confusing because when your words comes out like a diplomat, its hard to understand if it is sycophancy or an honest stand. It confuses people because of not coming out the clear message. With this kind of mind set, you can not solved out family or daily problem. Yes, it look sweet but there is no point of being sweet if the problem is not getting solve!

    My personal opinion which may vary with others view but I would only say that sitting and talking one to one clear and with honest, only can solve any issue. Diplomacy only can delay that. It also a sign that one do not want to involve to over the confrontation.

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