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    Being happy is your choice

    Whether you want to be happy or sad, it is your choice. Good and bad happens in everyone's life. But it is always better to let it go nd focus on better things . Be happy rather than cribbing about the bad that happened. Being happy and facing things will make you a strong positive person. Choose to be happy and spread happiness around you. This will make your life very bright and beautiful. Your choice defines who you are. Happiness will bring in a lot of positivity in your life. Always choose to be happy by letting go off bad things or incidents that happened. Happily face challenges and life becomes easier.
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    Today I have seen a video on Youtube. A newly married couple was going on a boat in an ocean. Suddenly there was a big storm. The lady was terribly frightened and started worrying. But the man was happy and smiling. She asked him how you are smiling in such a bad situation. Then the answer is are you going to get rescued if you start worrying. He told her that like she had confidence in him, he had confidence in God. He thought that God will save. So he told to be happy till the last moment and see what happens. A nice message conveyed.
    So it is always better to be happy and try to come out of problems by thinking positively. Once we are happy we will have our mind relaxed and we can think ways and means to come out of the problems.
    It is a choice to be happy but let us think that there is no option but to be happy. Then we will have a different life in all aspects.

    always confident

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    Being happy is one choice & no one want to be sad. When a situation arrives, Many tend to take tension & that's very true that we know by taking tension, it won't get solved but that how we are.
    We pretend to be happy but that starts coming up in out mind and this make us sad. Its phycology, even if we tend to ignore, many a times, it tend to arise from nowhere.
    Many has learned the art of being happy even in bad times & that's very essential but to be frank, I tried it a lot but, not able to cope. Hope, one day I will learn this art which may replace me with a new person.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Yes to remain positive in life is always good as it uplifts our mood and increase our efficiency at work. It's always better to be in the company of the people who believe in this. It's the choice of people to face the problems in life happily or face them being sad. There are people in the world who always remain sad in life such people are negative and create negativity around them so we should avoid such people.

    We should always be satisfied with what we have in life. Once we start desiring for more than what we have, our happiness suffers. It's the nature of mankind to crave more which makes our life miserable. Also when we start comparing with others our life suffers. So it's our choice if we refrain for such things and make our life happy or crave for more and make our life miserable. Most of the people do that and lose the happiness they have in their life.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Yes being happy is our choice. We have to enjoy every second, every minute of the day we are living. Just like waves of the sea, we will get ups and downs in our lives, but we should not be stuck in one place and keep thinking about why it happened to me. We have to move on, by doing the things which we like.

    Many people do the work or things which they don't like for the sake of others and later they will feel sad about that. So instead of feeling sad, one shouldn't do what they don't like. It's our choice what to do and what not to do. If your happiness matters to you, do what you like. Feel sad or happy, everything will be in our hand.


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    Happiness is a state of mind and requires a positive and constructive thinking in life in order to achieve this. The facilities of the whole of the world and money can not bring happiness if the mindset of a person is not conducive to it. Happiness is something which is very elusive at times and like a mirage in the desert. More we try to reach it more it runs away. Still one can act and function in the ways which bring satisfaction and contentment in ones life and then happiness naturally follows. Helping the fellow beings and helping the poor and needy is also a source of getting happiness consequent to the noble acts. So one has to pursue things which bring happiness in the life as an offshoot of these actions and endeavours.
    Knowledge is power.

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