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    Let's get back to rain water harvesting in a very big way

    Some years ago, there was a spate of articles on how rainwater harvesting and management of rainwater in the numerous ponds of Udaipur city went a long way in making that city of Rajasthan, a great place to learn water management. We need similar success stories. Members may please highlight similar success stories from your own places.

    Rainwater harvesting is not rocket science. It requires a very minimum investment. Ms. Jayalalitha of the AIADMK, during her lifetime, made this a compulsory requirement in the city of Chennai and this improved the water table to a great extent. Desilting of ponds and lakes is urgently called for, throughout India. One really does not know what AP is doing to compensate for the massive loss of very rich fertile lands that were used to build the new Capital city of Amaravathi. One also needs to know how much more can be done for rain-water harvesting throughout India.

    Members may please share any bit of news of any success story in their area.

    [Edited - refrain from making personal remarks on politicians.]
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    It is distasteful the way you resort to name calling each time you create a post related to certain politicians. Why not just present the facts instead of bringing in the corruption etc., charges in every post. Omitting such content from your posts will not lessen their impact. I do not have any political affiliations, but I am of the opinion that such additions in your threads are quite unnecessary.

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    Rain water harvesting is the need of the time. Creation of more dams and river management is required for creating large volumes of water reserves. Inividual houses have also scope to store water in underground reservoirs. Only thing is choking of water pipes is an issue and that requires attention in individual houses.
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    Even in combined Andhra Pradesh also in the city of Hyderabad permissions were given only to apartments if there was a provision of rainwater harvesting by the GHMC during the tenure of Chandrababu Naidu as Chief Minister. That worked well and there is an improvement in the groundwater levels in the city. Anywhere it is good to have rainwater harvesting. The population is increasing and the requirement of water is increasing. So we should see how to improve the groundwater levels. Rainwater harvesting is one way of improving water levels.
    Water conservation is also very important. The main issue is to see that river water will not get wasted and we should see that minimum water will go into the sea from rivers.
    The government should make strict rules and regulations and make a road map for improving the water resources and implement those plans and see that water will be available to all the people all the times.

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    We are creating concrete jungles. Where I live, most of the rainwater flows into the sea. In the housing society where I reside the association recently created more rainwater harvesting pits, so we are doing our bit.

    Most housing societies lay concrete on the ground or cover it with paver blocks and synthetic materials. This prevents the ground from absorbing rainwater. This also leads to flooding and water stagnation. Until a few years, the land my balcony overlooked was a huge open field, where migratory birds used to nest. There was no concrete structure as far as the eyes could see. The water table in our complex was always high. Now that land has been converted into a residential complex, and all I see is concrete. There are a few saplings planted along the periphery, in a narrow channel of soil. The few pits that they construct for rainwater harvesting will not be enough.

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    Rain water harvesting system is really a good and needy system to any state . But people paints political color to the system and ignore by forgetting the benefit they are going to attain in near future. People should realize as they have realizing power rather than an animal.

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    Juana Madam, am sorry. I shall desist from naming any party. Yes, am very sad that the party has swindled public money so much in this State. However, I do agree that it is not in order to name any party or individual. Am sorry. I shall not repeat the mistake again.

    Thanks a lot for your timely advice.

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    Rao Sir, it is excellent to note that Hyderabad is seriously into this. Some experts opine that when people have excess water, they waste it. This might be true as well. The water that is given ( and taxed) should be for a fixed amount of hours. Excess usage of groundwater is not advised at all. As Juana Madam has pointed out, in Chennai too many buildings are coming up in the OMR area and all of them buy water for their daily use. The flats are sold for prices upwards of one crore. Yet, there are takers. One really does not know why we need these 45 storied buildings at all.

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    In the housing society where I have a flat, rainwater harvesting is done on a large scale. In fact, in all housing societies of that locality in Delhi have started rainwater harvesting compulsorily.

    But, in the Government colony where I presently live, there is no such concept. Fortunately, there is no scarcity of water and residents use considerable amount of water in gardening.

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    Rain harvesting is not a difficult thing but somehow we are not able to implement it in our independent houses or open areas. The rain water has to enter the underground strata of the rocks which erstwhile held the original groundwater which has been more and less depleted by the extraction of groundwater with pumps and motors. The rain water has to replenish that water but the question is how to inject the rain water in that part of the rock below the earth surface. There are technical methods and engineering solutions to do that but the maintenance issues are there de to which these projects are generally neglected by the public. It is high time that there should be some compulsory measures forced by the regulatory bodies so that the industries, business and residential complexes have to delivers actions towards rain water harvesting.
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    In our apartments, we have a rainwater harvesting system. In India, any new program wherein the individual person has to shell out money, it will not succeed completely, what I mean is there would be a large portion of the population who will expect an ample financial grant from the Government.

    Sometimes, people look for an incentive, what is in it for me, for example, if rainwater harvesting compliance brings in some benefits eg: a reduction in property tax, a discount in IT tax, etc, this would be a good incentive for people to install it.

    The other 'enforcer' would be a penalty or a fine if the rainwater harvesting is not in place. In Bangalore, there is a penalty system in place, if the house or dwelling does not have rainwater harvesting., the fine amount is 25% of the water bill for the first three months in domestic users and 50% of the water bill in non-domestic/industrial users. This fine amount is being proposed to be doubled this year.

    We also, need sustained efforts at education and help the common people to understand the importance of rainwater harvesting. Here lies the importance to public engagement, using local ward officers, rainwater harvesting enrollment drives, etc.

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