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    Unsung heroes of our society : II

    Now, let's look at the lives of the delivery boys and girls. One of the growing trends of the new vibrant India is online shopping.

    Anything and almost everything can be ordered online, household items, personal clothing, electrical items, many more things including a plate of idli and vada. For many nuclear families, takeaway food is a lifeline.

    Here comes the indispensable delivery boys and girls. They start early, have a huge bag with lots of packages or a few hand parcels of food. Any weather, any traffic congestion, any side lanes are not a problem, they move with efficiency and many a times with little regard for rules and safety.

    Most of these people are on temporary basis, most do not have a fixed salary,no thoughts about the perks of a conventional permanent job; their earnings depend on the number of deliveries they can do by the end of the day. They have to deal with irate customers, unrealistic questions/demands, handle verbal abuse and returns. It's all in the game.

    Barring a few unscrupulous people in this growing army of delivery personnel, most of them are a vital link between the virtual world (online sellers) and the real world (the customer).
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    Generally, delivery boys comes under the umbrella of unskilled labor. They may resort to delivery boys job as a last resort and they do know, this is the field the young generation feel shy to get into.

    This fact would associate a sense of arrogance among few of them.

    Though I salute the effort being put in by them in ensuring on-time delivery to customers and their tolerance to traffic, tackling with irate customers, weather etc., we also need to understand that - customers do not have liberty to abuse or force comments on them. As the demand increased to fill the post of delivery boys since the supply is less, the owners of thee companies too do not entertain complains filed on them by the customers unless, this is utterly major.

    As the educational awareness is increasing day by day and youth are getting better opportunities, we may see further downfall in the supply of unskilled labor which shall impact all 3rd level jobs.

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    Yes. They are bridging the virtual world to the real world. You order online they deliver offline. Their job is very critical. If the delivery is not taking place within the stipulated time, the customer will be unhappy and this will have an impact on the supplier. So the efficiency of the suppliers mainly depends on the delivery boys only. So they are the key to the success of the online business. This is more so in case of food items.
    But many of these delivery boys are also not regular for duty and they may come oneday and they may not come on the other day. This is mainly due to the low payment and risky job. In Hyderabad, during the election time, it has become a very big problem for the suppliers to deliver the goods in time due to non-availability of boys for delivery. This problem may further increase unless otherwise the jobs are streamlined a suitable pay and perks are decided for these posts or they should come under minimum wages act.

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