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    Whether you want to be a true and honest person the choice is yours.

    Recently our Lok Sabha election has just got over. This election is in many ways like an eye opener to everyone. The main question with the voter was to cast their vote honestly. To select a man who has enough ability and strong character in him to be the PM of India. There were trap of "cast" and "religion" and there were Money for poor people which they would get every month if they vote for opposition. But, when the final result came, it shocked the nation. As per my personal opinion, this is the first time in Indian political history; people have come out of the "net" of Cast and religion to select a man for the PM post. Finally, the voters were casted their votes with utter honesty. They do not go with the people who shouted that they are the honest party and they only can do justice. The people in this country now understand that those who shout that they are "honest" and "transparent", they are the most corrupt people.

    May be the maximum people in this country understand what is wrong and what is right. Yet, there are some people who are still running their own game behind of their true and so called transparent and honest face. My eye brows go up when I see some of the brainy people who call themselves civilized in our society, run behind such people for their personal benefit! They do not take time to justify their wrong work as the best work in our society.

    So, we are in a society where there are lots of work which is unfinished. Until and unless you remove the mask of these people and make them naked in front of the world, the work is not finished. The society does not run being with only humbled people, for that one need a revolution. A revolution to change the way of our thinking, if you are not ready to fight for good, at least stay away to support the wrong work.

    Finally, whether you want to be a sycophant for your own benefit or stand tall with keeping your head high, the choice is yours. At least the voters of this country have selected themselves to keep their head high instead of selling their soul for few thousand rupees.

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    A good post by the author highlighting the people's choice this time to vote for the honest and capable person rather than based on caste and creed. This is a good change and will be beneficial for the country.
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    A good script but moreover I felt that it is a one sided story. People have voted but in their vote too, many have played games. Hoping for a better governance & standing true to people's expectation from the new elected candidates.
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    I agree that this time people have gone above caste and religion while they vote. They never have gone for any unwanted points and they considered Nation above all other points. The choice appears to be correct as on date and it may be proved right or wrong in the coming days. All depends on how the elected government is going to lead the country. But people kept a lot of trust in the Prime Minister. Based on my understanding I think he is going to stand up to the expectations of the people. However, time only can answer these doubts. I strongly feel India is in safe hands now and our country's stature internationally will get into the new heights and I see good scope for development of the country.
    The author presented the topic very nicely and the choice of the author for the TOW contest appears to be very apt based on the present day situation in the country.

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    A good use of the recent elections and choice. Being honest and true to oneself is certainly a choice that needs a high degree of commitment. Not many people can follow this, what I mean is we should be honest and true even when no one is watching us.

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    This election has shown one thing that if a person is honest and determined to do the efforts for the development and progress of the nation, people of the country follow him and vote him so that he can win and do the commendable jobs for bringing the country on the top in the world canvass. This is a great achievement for a person who has adopted honesty and integrity as a choice and not as a compulsion.
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    Thank you member for your responses. I have written this thread not for the contest as I feel I am not as educated as some member to have my place with them. When, I will think my English is matching with knowledgeable members, I will try to post for contest. Till than I will keep learning here.

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