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    Question submission guidelines link not working in Ask Expert Section

    While submitting the question in the ask expert section, there is a link displaying please read question submission guidelines, at the end of page just above the submit button. When I click on this link, it is just showing the blank page with header "expert-posting-guidelines", but there are no guidelines displayed. I request the concerned editor/ webmaster to check it out and fix the link. I found it just now while I am posting a question in Ask Exper section.
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    Ramya, thanks for the intimation. We will check it out with the Webmaster. Please wait. In the meanwhile, in case of any doubt, you may please refer to the guidelines in this thread.
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    The blank page is precisely the guideline. What else would be the guideline for asking questions? You ask questions to get your doubts cleared, isn't it?
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    Ok Saji sir, Thanks for the link.

    Mr. Partha K, For every section in ISC there are guidelines explaining what to do and what not to do. In the above link given by the Saji sir, you can see the guidelines for ask expert section like what can be the length of the title, can questions be submitted in the regional language, etc. Those are the guidelines one have to follow while posting the question in ask expert section.

    What do you mean by blank page is precisely the guideline. What is the use of mentioning the link to the guidelines then, If there are no guidelines? Something was missing, that's why guidelines were not showing up there. That's why I raised this thread.


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