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    Individual role in controlling wastage of food.

    I am referring to leftover food that most of the time, we waste. We might have placed an order for some food but when due to one or the other reason we are unable to finish the whole, it is wasted.
    I don't think that I need to talk about what the food is meant for any of us but still, it is a fact that most of the time we do not notice or bother about one simple thing that some food is left behind which would for sure soon be shown the doors of a dustbin.

    There is not just one but innumerable instances wherein I felt sad about such wastages but then I always got stuck with the thought whether we are capable of controlling the same. It doesn't seem to be possible, at least not that easily, but then what can be done about this issue?

    But can we on our own set an example and at the same time let the others take note of the same? Perhaps this may have some impact on others.

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    I accept the thoughts of the author.
    I read somewhere. Ratan Tata in his middle age went to a foreign country with some of his friends. During that trip, they went to a restaurant and order a lot of food. They couldn't consume the whole food and a lot of material was left out. One old lady who has seen this came to them and asked them why they are wasting that much food. One of the group members answered very arrogantly that we have ordered and we are paying for that, why are you questioning us? The old lady replied well, my dear young boy, money may be yours. But resources are the belongings of the country. You can waste your money but you have no right to waste the resources of the land. That incident made Tata think a lot.
    One should not waste food. There are many people who are suffering without having a meal twice a day. Let us think of them and see that food will not go into the dustbin.

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    Wasting food is a bad habit. We should order minimal quantity and if required we can always top up on our order. Wasted food does not go to a needy person in the orphanage. It goes to the dust bin only to create a foul environment. We must care that we should not waste the food either in the house or outside eateries.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We can control the wastage of food by changing our mannerisms. I have found this wastage is more in parties where people take a large quantity of food on their plates without thinking whether they can have it all. Many people think they have to taste every variety offered and in turn wastes a lot. This habit must change and a child must be nurtured properly to understand the value of resources. We are habituated to waste things and we do not care whether it is food, water or paper. Any wastage has its consequences in the long run and by applying our logical sense we can easily figure it out. It seems we are living for the moment only and therefore not bothered to think of the future.

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    Yes, it is very important not to waste food. Many people in restaurants, order various kinds of food but completes only half and leaves, that food goes to dustbin. Instead, we can order first what we want and after eating we can order again if we want.

    As Sankalan Bhattacharya Sir said, we should not only waste the food but also water, paper, etc. Everything we waste counts, the food and water we waste are might be the lifesaver for some poor people.

    Don't waste food, water, and anything, everything has a value. Make others learn this too.


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    It is very true and unfortunate that a lot of food gets wasted in houses as well as in hotels and other eating places especially during functions and lavish dinners. In some places people do not waste and whatever remains is properly given to the orphan houses and other needy persons. But most of other places it goes waste and mixed with other items in the bin.

    It is a problem of such a big magnitude that it can be solved only after a thorough social awareness and awakening in this regard. Avoiding wasting food is the need of the hour and requires cooperation from the larger section of the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Food wasted at restaurants, parties and weddings are a major source of waste of money are resources. I wonder at times, is it a way of showing off or having a callous attitude when it comes to food wastage ( so that, I can afford to pay, what difference do it make with me wasting some food).

    At hotels, we should be watchful when we order, especially when children are there. If there is some extra food or dishes, we can ask the staff to pack it as a takehome bag ( you may have to pay a few rupees extra). Recently a college student came up with water conservation efforts to avoid 50% of water wastage in hotels. She went around hotels and convince the hotel staff to serve only half a glass of water at all tables, if needed pour more. I have been to regular simple but busy food outlets, wherein the service staff, will not give you extra cups of sambhar or rice or side dishes for full meals unless you finish your plate first.

    Yes, we should set an example at parties and at weddings. We can limit the buffet menu list, keep the servings smaller and encourage people to ask for more if they need.

    Most importantly, we should change first and educate our children and family members so that we start the change and it slowly draws others to follow the same. Incidentally, Garvita Gulhati, the Bangalore student who brought the concept of 'Half glass full" ( for hotels) won the 'Global Changemaker award' in 2018 at Zurich.

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