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    A book in place of a bouquet.

    Whenever we go to meet a VIP or whenever we go to wish somebody for his/her success, it is customary to go with a flower bouquet. These bouquets will be just kept aside and the next day they will go to the dustbins and it is a waste of money only.
    In the recent elections from Secunderabad constituency Kishan Reddy won. He has given a message to all not to bring bouquets for greeting him. He made a request to bring a notebook instead of a bouquet. So a lot of books were accumulated in his office now and he decided that those notebooks will be distributed to the students who are studying in government schools in his constituency. A novel and very useful idea.
    I think it is a good idea and all the politicians should go for such new useful ideas. I like to know the thoughts of other members.
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    Very good idea. A book in place of a bouquet. Sounds perfectly all right. We need not to pluck flowers and petals from the plants. Let them adore the garden with it. They make our environment green and beautiful. In fact when we plan to give small gifts it is better to give books only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In those days, there was a great leader in Tamilnadu who asked his followers and public to offer cash in lieu of their garland or shawl to him in public meetings to enable to increase party fund as the garlands get wasted after certain hours.Similarly we can replace garlands /bouquets with books.

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    It is definitely a great idea to give a book as a gift in place of the bouquet. A book is the treasure house of knowledge and is also a life long companion. Flowers will be fresh only for a few hours and then they are to be discarded in the dust bin. From this angle it is not a good practice of flowers to be given as a token of respect to the dignitaries. In fact if many people start this practice these dignitaries will slowly have a good compilation of books which will be beneficial to them as whenever they want they can go through them. I think we can adopt this idea in our day to day life also and give books as a gift to our friends and relatives in functions and other occasions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A novel way to avoid wasting resources, instead of wasting money and increasing the waste, giving books that be used by others in a good initiative. I read reports that during the results of elections, it is common for the party members or favor seeking people to spend around 15,000 - 25,000 rupees on big garlands. Why waste this money, when it can be used in a constructive manner.

    On a similar topic, I have seen parents giving a small sapling or a plant at children's birthday party (instead of a return gift). People bringing cute indoor plants (instead of gifts during house warming) etc. Recently, I at a meeting, I was given a pen made of recycled paper that has a seed in it, after the ink runs out, you just poke it into a flower pot, a small sapling grows.

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    Yes, Book in a place of a bouquet is really a nice idea and sounds good. And in my opinion, a small indoor plant instead of the bouquet is also a good idea. If we give garlands or bouquets to wish someone, they will become waste in a few hours. But if we give a book, they can increase their knowledge and can share it with others.

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