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    Hello to everyone at IndiaStudyChannel

    Hello! This is Poulami. One of relatives introduced me to this website. That person was a regular member here earlier but has asked me not to divulge the name. From him I have got some basic idea about what to do and how to do in IndiaStudyChannel. In fact I have joined earlier but have not posted anything so far; now I am really looking forward to post something once in a while.

    I also have a question. I would like to post some travel tips now and then. I may post on other topics as well, if need be. Is it better to post them here (thus having all my articles in one place) or the IndiaTravelBlog site I came to know about while logging in?

    Thanks in advance to the helpers.
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    Welcome, Poulami Bakshi! As you have been introduced by a regular member and got some tips about ISC, I hope you are aware of certain things. Since you have joined earlier and not posted anything before writing this thread, I would like to request you to go through the posting guidelines once again. There are many help topics and going through them will serve as a guideline. This is a moderated site, hence after posting an article, it will be reviewed by the editors and then published in this site.

    If you like to post some travel tips you have to post it as an article. Travel & Tourism is a category under the Articles section and you will find Travel Tips as a sub-category there. Share the useful tips with all of us and ISC will be enriched by it. While writing on any topic, please do search whether articles on the same is already posted here. Before starting to post articles, remain active in the Forum section and participate in the interesting contests organised here almost on a regular basis. Being active in this section will give you more ideas and along with it please do follow the posts of other members too. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will find this site very interesting.


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    Poulami Bakshi a Hearty welcome to you, As said above you can post your travel tips, experiences, etc in tourism category in the article section. Go through the guidelines and help topics first and then start contributing. If you have any doubts you can ask the editors or fellow members through the forum section. Never post copyrighted content, if you that you will get restricted in that section. All the best.

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    Welcome here. I wish you a long happy journey on this site. As you have a relative who introduced you to this site, you might have been told o's and don'ts here. Follow them without deviations. Please read some of the articles which are on the top of the index in article section. They will give you a very good idea about posting articles on this site and by reading some other articles you will get an understanding about the requirements.
    Read the help topics and learn how to use HTML tags before posting your articles. Similarly, go through the forums which are on the top of the forum index in which there are good threads posted by Managing Editor giving detailed guidelines for posting in various sections of this site. That will make you understand the site properly and you will get the feel of the site. Then you can start posting. The articles can't be posted directly. Once you submit the article, the concerned Editor will read and it may be published or may be sent to the pending list asking you for some corrections. Then you have to modify as suggested and then resubmit. Hope you got the required help.

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    Welcome to this site which is one of the leading sites in internet for learning structured writing and sharpening the creativity within. You will soon be familiar with the various activities here and I hope you will be contributing in some of the sections of your interest and liking. I wish you all the best time in ISC and hope you stay for a longer innings.
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    Welcome Poulomi to this knowledge sharing and educational site and if you are interested in writing you are at the right place. You will know things about this site in due course of time but I want to share some basic things with you which might be useful for you. There are many sections here and you can choose your activity area out of them. Just go through the submission of the other members and have them as benchmark for your contributions as those are the approved ones.

    This site has strict policies and does not accept offensive and unparliamentary materials. Copying content will be immediately identified and is a strict no no.

    You will be earning points as well as cash points for your activities and the cumulative cash points will be paid to you when they accumulate to a significant level. Do not bother for that at this stage.

    Every month there will be contests where you can participate and earn prizes. There are some contests which are always running in the background and you will see the results time to time like star of the month, thread of the week, wizard of the month, star of the year and like that.

    So there are many opportunities here and moreover you get a great environment to sharpen your english language and skills.

    So stay here and contribute and learn in the process and also earn some money through these activities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to the site. Your friend has suggested you a right site. Here you can enhance your writing skills simultaneously you can earn a bit.

    ISC conducts frequent contests you may participate in them and can get rewards. Also you may write articles on anything and will get cc as per the quality of the content.

    Before participating in any section its better to go through the guidelines first to have the better understanding of the site.


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    Welcome to ISC. Since you are keen to contribute travel related articles, please interact initially in the forum to give a form to your thoughts and views.

    As far as travel articles go, ISC welcomes good quality,, well organized write up of travel tips that focus on the place, travel/food options, distances, stay, do's and donts etc.

    I suggest you visit this trave tips section. You can glance through articles like River Tern Lodge Bhadhra Tiger Reserve review and travel tips.
    The article editors are very helpful and guide you through until it's approved.
    All the best.

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    Yes I have explored the Resources section and its categories. I have submitted an article in the travel tips section and I hope it will be evaluated in due time by the editing team. Till then, it is an eager wait to see my first article go live in this website. And thanks to everyone who helped.

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