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    A query about points deduction in ISC

    Does ISC deduct points? I have observed this a couple of occasions on my points table that I am getting points deducted. If there is any such rule on ISC for any mistake, then please let me know about this issue to avoid points deductions on ISC.
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    Yes, points may be deducted depending on the replies. Since this is a moderated site, if the replies do not conform to the guidelines points are deducted. If you follow various posts you will notice even negative points were allotted to a few members with the replies deleted because those replies were not in good taste. Points can also be deducted if the replies are out of context or posting duplicate threads. Please look into the posts where you think the points have been deducted and try to analyze yourself why it happened. If you are unable to find it, I am sure the editors will be able to help you out.


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    Umar, it would be nice if you could give the URL of one post of your's in which the point was deducted as an example? Sankalan has already mentioned the possibilities; we will try to clarify further if need be.
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    Saji sir, even I don't know for which post points have been deducted, but when I visited my dashboard and after refreshing the page five points were deducted! It is not just today, I have also experienced it even before.

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    As per my experience the minus points are sometimes given that also in forum section when someones violates the policy guidelines. It could be abusive language or offending statements or insulting the fellow members or insulting the national figures and things like that. I have not seen any minus points in other places.

    If you have not been assigned any minus points in forum section then it is surprising how you can get that deduction in your final tally. It may require some checking of the crediting of points in the system at the end of the concerned editor or the webmaster.

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    Umar, in addition to the possibilities stated above, there may be instances wherein the automated points allotted in some sections like Resource Responses etc, the points get reduced after review by the editors. I must say that it is practically difficult to check and find out where you had lost a few points. I think it would better to allow leverage of five to ten points when you recalculate your points after a gap. Another option is to use the recalculate feature soon after you submit a post and keep a check on your posts, for the time being, to see whether you are regularly losing points.

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    Thank you Saji sir, and other members for your help. I will try to keep your suggestion in mind but I still feel the point is not clear exactly why points are deducted.

    Anyways, I may allow the leverage but thing should be more clear for members.

    Thank you again!

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    It is difficult to verify a deduction of 5 points especially in forum. Points would be deducted in some forum responses that are posted, if they are typed just to fill the lines and often repeating or agreeing with what the earlier members have opined. At times points have been deducted, if a member posts a non-contributory/ a general reply to a thread that is specifically addressed to the editors.

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    You stated in your response "I still feel the point is not clear exactly why points are deducted." I think you are feeling disheartened and require more clarity.

    What the responses in this thread are indicating is that there are points given by the automated system in all sections, whether an article response, a forum thread, an Ask Expert answer, etc. So after the editor of the section reviews your submission, the points will get enhanced or reduced. Let's say you give a response to an article. As per the automated system, you get eight points. On review, the editors may reduce it to three points. There is thus a reduction of five points. Now, why did the points get reduced? Your answer likely did not really have content which was eligible for the eight points. That is, in an article response, when it is seen that some of the information is merely a repeat of what is already stated in the article, it is not really a quality response. Some members even repeat statements at the beginning and at the end, such as "The author has written an informative article" and, then again at the end, "This article gave a lot of informative points." - these are obvious tactics just to increase the length of the response and to give an impression of very detailed content. Same with an Ask Expert answer or a forum response - the points get reduced due to lack of value. Of course, I am not implying that you are using such tactics, just indicating that you could avoid needless content anywhere.

    I would also advise you not to get disheartened about points' deduction or even bother to focus on points. Simply work on quality. That way, you can overcome the loss of a few points here and there. For example, forum editors go back to old threads to tune the text and allocate additional points and even cc for good threads and responses. Even for an article response, if it has got just two points, the editors may see it as very informative, adding value to the article and deserving of more points. So, magically, you will see that you have got additional points on your scoreboard!

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