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    White or Black- A Choice

    It is completely your choice to choose 'white' or 'black' in life. Here, black and white do not only signify colours but they may refer to abstract things beyond imagination. They could refer to 'right' and 'wrong'. Whether you choose the right path or wrong path in life, its your choice. They could signify 'good' and 'bad'. Whether the next thing you are going to do is good for others or may harm others, its your choice. They could mean 'truth' and 'false'. Whether the next words you are going to say, are true or false. They could represent 'life' and 'death'. White could mean 'peace' whereas black could symbolise 'war'. If anybody has ever studied Interference, he would know that the light from any light source produces darkness after every microsecond but our mind senses the bright part only. Nature has made everyone in such a way that we sense the brighter part but it is your choice to choose light or dark in various decisions of life. White is the ultimate colour from which every other colour is born whereas black is the colour which absorbs everything within it. It is your choice to choose White or Black as Choice leads to 'success' or 'failure'.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest.
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    The author has nicely correlated black and white to the two opposite choices we make in our life. In our life we have both the options at any point of decision making. It could be a good thing or it may harm others and then that is termed as bad. It should be our endeavour to go for good options as far as possible avoiding the mean and wretched paths.

    Incidentally, I want to suggest you that when you submit your entry for TOW contest then it is better to link it in the contest announcement post using HTML tags. If you are unaware of HTML tags then you can learn it in help section. In brief, you have to put the page address of your entry in the HTML format using the appropriate tags. So the title of the post will be highlighted in blue colour.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you sir. I did not know about HTML tags earlier and I will correct it now.
    Thank you for sharing such valuable information

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    It is your choice to be good or bad. The author very nicely showed the differences by comparing white with good things and black with bad things. Generally, we all use black colour in times of unhappiness and white in times of happy times. When we want to protest we use black badges It is customary for some people in some places of Telangana to keep a black flag with a photo of the person demised in the important places of the village. Nice post and I wish him all the best.
    always confident

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    It is a very accurate representation of the words white and black in the write-up. Though these are the names of colour, can be easily identified with good and bad occurrences in our society. A good one!

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    One's choice should always be white. One should never do bad to others, should take the decision which he feels right in his perspective, should always speak the truth and never take the wrong path even if it leads to success. Success came in the wrong path never be with us for a long time. So even it takes much longer time, go in the right path only.

    The author of the thread has nicely written by representing white as good, right, truth, peace, etc. while black as bad, wrong, false, war, etc.


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