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    Honesty-the best policy?

    We have always been taught from birth itself that 'Honesty is the best policy'. But in today's world, is honesty really the best policy? Today, fake and fraud people are becoming sucessful. Rich people are becoming more rich and poor are becoming poorer. False politicians are winning and true ones have no existence left. People are earning money by all sorts of bad means. Is really honesty even today the best policy?
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    Honesty is still a great trait and its long time advantages can not be ignored. It is the corrupt practices and lack of governance that the dishonest people are thriving in the present times. To catch these culprits and showcase a lesson for others what is required is a strict and stern governing system. Now with an honest person on the helm of affairs we can hope that our country may inch towards a better governance where honesty will be respected and awarded. Let us hope for a bright future in this respect.
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    Honesty is the best policy. It can't be replaced by any other thing. Doesn't matter how much fraudulent people try to overpower honest people will always fail in their endeavour.

    This is right that we see so many people mostly criminals occupying the prestigious position but honest and sincere are slapped in an open without even objecting anyone. This is so shameful and disgraceful!

    These thugs are the ones who loot the honest and poor people by their mean tactics and left them craving for help for which almost no one is actually ready in our society
    It is only a matter of time that honesty remains shrouded in mystery and honest people become irrelevant but time will come and these sincere people will regain the trust and one day will not only lift the standard of poor people but will also be ruling the roost!

    Honesty is there and will always be a cherished trait by one and all!

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    Honesty will be the best policy yesterday, today and tomorrow also. There is no second thought about it. Honest people may suffer today but ultimately their honesty will pay good dividends. Similarly, fraud people may be enjoying today, but definitely, they will pay the penalty.
    If we have an honest ruler, we will have good governance and the country will prosper. If we have a bad ruler he may get benefitted temporarily, but he may pay the penalty. But the country will suffer. So people should be wise enough to choose the best available person.
    Duryodhana ruled the kingdom taking advantage of his father's blind love and affection towards him. He made Pandavas to suffer a lot. But ultimately Pandavas won the battle and Kauravas were killed. The honesty of Pandavas only made Lord Krishna to help them and see that they will be successful.

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    Always Honesty is the best policy. Positive minded people will always be honest. As the author said, honest poor people are getting much poor and rich and dishonest people are becoming rich nowadays. But a day comes when this become reverse and honest people reach heights and dishonest people will see their end. What we do will get back to us. If we do good we will receive a good life, but if do wrong o others, same happens to us. But it may take time, But time never fails o get it back.

    So being honest is never be wrong. Be honest and reach heights in the future.


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    "Honesty is the best Policy" has no value in our regular life no matter how much one strongly support this, this is the hard fact which we should accept. By having your honest nature or character, you can gain some respect in your personal life and nothing else. If you are honest, you have to go through so much pain and people will judge you as a fool. An honest person have no place at least in this world.

    Let me explain through this example - You are working in an organization and you saw something wrong in system. You voice out about it because its your nature not to keep seeing the wrong things happening. However, if that wrong work providing "gain" to that organization, you will be in trouble.The boss of your organization with their supporting staff will torture you obviously. May be you can be thrown out from your work and they will make your such image as if you are the only culprit of all the problem. You can't fight with them because some sycophants staff will be on their side. What will you gain from being an honest person? Nothing, instead you become villain in the society.

    In my opinion the quote "Honesty is the best policy" should be replaced as "Sycophancy is the best Policy".

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