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    Choice of a life partner

    In everyones life a time comes when he is in search of a life partner whether it is being searched by the parents or by the person himself. This is a crucial search in the sense that it is a life time commitment with another person and any mistake in the selection can cost heavily in the future. Whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone will like to have an ideal life partner. Generally the expectations are good looking, gracious, possessing good habits, cooperative, devoted and friendly. Now it is not possible to easily get so many good attributes in one person and that is why the search becomes more and more difficult.

    Sometimes having the infatuations of young age, they do not care to see the hidden vices in each other and then the match soon breaks apart sometimes taking an ugly turn. Searching an appropriate life partner is a difficult task but there are certain things which one can observe before going into a committed relationship. Some important factors in the life are peaceful coexistence, happiness, mutual respect and sacrifice and patience. So search for a partner should be based on these fundamental premises and if the person appears to be meeting these aspects if not fully but as per the practical expectations then one can decide to go ahead seriously in that relationship.

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    A reality message about the choice of a life partner. Many a times, the chance of choosing a life partner and living happily ever after is more in movies and a handful of people. For the rest, the choice of a life partner is based on a few general criteria and later on each partner adjusts to other so that life goes on.

    Though the choice of a life partner is personal, there are other factors that influence it too ( alliance from a very well to do family, advancing age, people working abroad, siblings yet to be married etc).

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    Success in choosing life partner in sheer luck. This is true both in cases of love marriage, arranged marriage and love-cum-arranged marriage. This is entirely in the hand of the Almighty.
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    It is true. The choice depends on the conditions and thoughts as on that date. What type of marriage it may be, we decide on the present situation. In arranged marriages, we see the family background and other related matters. But it is our luck only. We may have a peaceful life or we may have to make many amendments whether we like them or not to have a peaceful life. That is our destiny. But when two people are going to live together each should adjust to some extent so that the other side will be happy without completely asking the other person to adjust. Time only will decide whether the choice is correct or not.
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    Yes choosing the right life partner is very important in one's life. At the same time, it is so hard to found the right one. Even if we found and get married, after a few years we may think of we have taken the wrong decision. But in a few cases, the right choice will be right always.

    Everyone has their own expectations in choosing their life partner, some may look for pure heart/ honest persons/ beauty, etc. according to their taste at that time. But as time passes, they may realize this is not they deserve and their thought may change in finding the partner. So, first one has to decide what they want first and then have to proceed, thinking of whatever circumstances they don't leave their partner.


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