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    Are we becoming less sensitive to inappropriate contents in the media?

    I don't know how many of you will agree that we no longer seem to be finding inappropriate contents in different media platforms offensive or rude to the level that we used to look at it a decade earlier. While watching a movie or any prime time shows, we are surrounded with all those clips and pictures which still doesn't appear to be meant for a family sitting.

    My concern is whether we are trying to ignore reality and accepting it or could this be the case that we are slowly accommodating more of these into our lives?

    And my question is as to how do we see this in a bigger picture and whether this trend will continue to intensify in the near future which is more likely? But at what cost?

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    First of all, clarification is required about the things referred to as inappropriate. There are movies and television shows which are not appropriate for certain viewers/age group and it is mentioned clearly with a warning at the beginning of the screening. Nobody can ignore reality and it is a fact that our outlook has changed a lot. For example, the other day a thread was posted about the harmful effects of smoking where the author has clearly mentioned that he feels awkward if he finds a girl smoking. He is uncomfortable with that because he cannot imagine that a girl can smoke. To him, smoking is a man's prerogative.

    It all depends on how a person is brought up. If the person is brought up in an environment where there is gender bias and also gender-specific roles then this will influence her/his behaviour. Another important aspect is the realization. The person may be brought up in a different setup but later on, she/he may realize that it's time to change the thought process. A person/family to whom drinking alcohol is a taboo may feel uncomfortable if they find the characters in a movie drinking alcohol in a family gathering. With the changing scenario, we are accepting many things which were considered a taboo earlier. We need to ask our conscience whether something is really inappropriate or there is some kind of inhibition that is holding us back to accept them.


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    Media is a place where people will try to invade our privacy and humbleness by depicting inappropriate materials. They have some aim in doing that depiction. Basically they do it to attract the gullible to their net of drugs, sex and other vices. The Govt has little control on the objectionable materials in the internet and there is no governance whatsoever on that widespread and global evil. In such a scenario there is no way except ignoring it and not clicking on the links. Young people and children are sometimes attracted to these traps only to repent later when their parents also come to know about it.
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    We are sensitive to it and show our resentment time to time. The problem is that there is no agency or regulatory body for controlling these online and media menaces. We are just tolerating it as there is no other option.
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