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    God's control over choice is unique

    Life is made up of choices that we make in choosing friends, food, shelter, career, dress, travel destination, life partner and numerous other things around us, but neither a baby to be born has the right to choose a mother's womb nor vice-versa. That's where the Creator proves His supremacy. Imagine if we human beings had got the power to choose our parents or the other way round then none would go for a child or parents with an ailment, not good looking, live in poor condition or have some other negative quality. Thus, human society then would have transformed from humane to inhumane.

    The Creator has not given the option to the living beings to choose from a list of parents as well as from a list of children, which is truly a blessing. The moment would-be parents decide to terminate the pregnancy because of the gender of an unborn child, then it creates an imbalance in the society. Love for a particular gender cannot make a healthy community which the parents to be must understand that they are not worthy of playing with the Creator's plan for the universe.

    God controls death which none can overturn, but if loved ones are around, then sufferings get minimised. Compassion is natural, which develops between a mother with her child irrespective of the baby's gender, qualities or deformities as well as vice-versa because of the attachment of an umbilical cord during birth.

    Thank God! All is not lost yet. Lord has kept the reproduction system in His hand, and so love, attachment, compassion and tolerance still exist in at least one particular relationship among the human race.

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    It is true. There is no choice here. A parent is to wait until the delivery to know whether he/she is becoming a parent for a girl or a boy. Parents can stop giving birth by undergoing family planning operation. But they can't choose between a boy or a girl.
    A good and well-narrated post from the author.

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    Very nice thread by an author. I really liked the way she has written this thread. Yes, it's true, the only thing which we have no choice is to choose our parents. If one has a choice to choose their parents, then they will never choose the middle class or poverty below families, and they will think of having a family who gives all luxury things.

    One can never choose their birth but can choose their death in some cases who try to commit suicide, they choose their death. But never their birth.


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    A good post by the author. If all of the choices were in our hands we wouldn't have thought that somebody is there as a creator. We have our limits and beyond that, the creator decides. It's because of this wonderful phenomenon we exist as human beings, otherwise, everything could have been so mechanical. Just think of any complex machine or food that we prepare on a regular basis. With all the ingredients at hand, we know how to make things and can make them whenever certain conditions are met. With life, this is not possible and we have to draw the line somewhere.

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    The author has put up some very good ideas in this post and presented it nicely. We can have choices only within a boundary envelope as destined by the almighty. Whether one believes in God or not, there are certain conditions already imposed on our life which become the major governing factors for our growth and prosperity. Still we have a significantly large canvass to play our choices and options in this world. The wise people do not complain about their poor heredity or family but rather work hard in their life within the naturally stipulated boundary parameters. It is no surprise they in most cases rise in their life and put forth examples of success to others. On the other hand there are people who always tell about their humble backgrounds and complain and blame it for their failures in life. One has to come out of this mindset if good choices are to be made in life.
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