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    Will Amit Shah as Home Minister succeed in implementing NRC (National Register of Citizen)?

    Amit Shah during his election campaigns used to raise issue of illegal immigrants and also promised to implement NRC throughout India and specifically in Bengal where illegal immigrants Bangaladeshi are a matter of concern. In fact, even before election campaign started, Amit Shah raised this issue in Parliament and he also briefed media on implementation of NRC in Assam and then throughout India. Of course Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee strongly opposed this move in order to save her vote bank.

    Now that Elections are over and Amit Shah has been sworn in as Home Minister of India, will he firmly implement NRC firstly in Assam and Bengal and then throughout the territory of India?
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    I think keeping NRC in mind the PM has chosen Mr Amit Shah as the Home Minister. The population of our country is huge and so is the issue of illegal immigrants. This issue must be dealt with a firm hand and under the prescribed guidelines. In case of Assam, NRC is being implemented there under the strict instructions of the apex court and proper care must be taken so that genuine citizens of the country are not harassed there. Everywhere in the country, there has to be a concrete database on the number of Indian citizens and the number of immigrants. It is true that in WB, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are the vote bank of the ruling dispensation and Ms Banerjee herself was vocal on the issue of immigrants during the left front rule. There is no point in opposing any corrective measure just for the sake of being in the opposition and every political party should think of the NRC issue in a logical way. I think the tough stance of Mr Amit Shah in this regard will be of great help to implement NRC throughout the country.

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    There is an urgent need of NRC to be implemented in our country and that will go a long way in identification of foreign nationals here. Whether Mr Amit Shah will be able to do it or not this only the coming times will be able to make clear but it is a burning need. For example the Indian nationals who have left India and taken citizenship of say US lose their citizenship here. But they are given a status of OCI which is the Overseas Citizenship of India that entitles them to make multiple entries in India and certain select transactions in the country. So every citizen should have a NRC card to define his status. The card can be integrated with even the Aadhaar card or any other identification card. It will categorically tell that the person is from such and such country and now working or residing in India temporarily and if he applies for citizenship he may be granted a temporary or permanent citizenship as prevalent in other countries. This will make it clear that we are having so many people from so many countries. There are other legalities involved. What are their voting rights. Can they buy property here. These things can be done only when there is a NRC or equivalent system of identification.
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    I think Modiji has made Amit Shah as the Home Minister keeping many pending issues which are to be sorted out in a proper way so that nobody will suffer. In these tasks, two are very visible. One is Article 370. The other one is implementing NRC. Of course, Amit Shah alone can't do anything. He has to get the required support from PM and other ministers also. Mr Shah is very well known for his shrewd planning and meticulous implementation of the plans approved by his other colleagues in the government and the parliament.
    The issue is to be addressed very cautiously and should not get into unnecessary controversies. I think the present government will definitely get it done. The politicians should come out of vote bank politics and think about the Nation. Then only a reasonable solution will come to all the problems.
    Let us wait and see how the present government is going to address this problem in the coming days.

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    We are delayed in the process of making NRC and this is going to create problem if it is not introduced in time. It is something like national identity card which tells about the domicile of the citizen whether he is original Indian or a migrant from outside.
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