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    Choice associated with hope, inspiration and joy

    Our Loksabha Election 2019 is just over. Majority of Indian voters reflected their electoral choice through EVM. According to their choice Mr. Narendra Modi's 2nd innings was started with greater hope and inspiration. All Indians was shocked after Pulwama incident. What steps were taken by our government after this horror-stricken incident had not only pacified the Indians, but the whole of the world also supported our Prime Minister. I think the correct foreign policy of our previous government made the other nations of the world look India with higher esteem. Not only that, in respect of science and technology, agriculture, industrial development etc. India is has proved herself as a fast forward moving nation. That's why most of the Indian voters cast their choice in 2019 Loksabha Election as expected.

    During the past many years Pakistan has been fighting a silhouette war against India. They are never ashamed of terrorism which is always shown against India. India's bold representation in international platform made Pakistan segregated from other nations and their terrorist activities were disclosed in proper manner. India also expressed her negative choice when Pakistan was not invited in the Oath taking ceremony of the Prime Minister Mr. Modi and his ministers. So positive choice is always associated with hope and inspiration and applause.

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    Yes, we choose things with the hope of betterment and with positive insight. Whether it's the government, dress, book or music when given a chance we choose the best alternative according to our taste. Indians voted this time with a hope that development will reach every corner of this country and India will be a prominent player in the world economy. The task lies ahead with the new government is not so easy and keeping this in mind thrust should be there in every front. Now, the people of this country have made their choice and the government has to prove that the choice is correct.

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    The author has rightly mentioned that the present regime has taken up the things boldly with the neighbouring countries and that has made the whole world to take a note of it and to see towards India with a different angle. This is a great achievement that we have changed our image from 'tolerant and patient' to 'tit for tat'.

    We have to make choices depending upon the situations and circumstances. We can not project our enemy as friend for eternity. Enemy has to be publicly identified and openly challenged so that the world knows about it. Good wins over bad but the audience should know who is good and who is bad.

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    Our choices will be always for betterment. No one will choose for going down. But sometimes our choice may be proved wrong. After the Pulwama incident, the then government has taken very bold steps and shown the whole world that we are not going to tolerate any more these type of brutal attacks. The world appreciated our reaction and shown their solidarity with us. The representation of our country in Islamic countries summit at the cost of Pakistan's absence has proved this.
    As mentioned by the author, our country indicated that no more we are going to accept terrorism by not inviting Pakistan for the Swearing-in ceremony. The government clearly sent a message that we will be good if you are good to us.
    A good presentation by the author connecting the present day situation in the country to the topic of the TOW.

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    A good narration by the author. Yes, it is true that positive choices generally result in better outcomes and the current election has showcased it so vividly and eloquently. Good choices are always associated with joy and happiness.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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