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    Why is secular lobby silent over arrest of few people in Bengal for chanting "Jai Shri Ram"?

    Today, few people have been arrested in West Bengal because they were chanting "Jai Shri Ram" slogans. It is the most shameful conduct by Mamta Government. Is it secular to arrest people for chanting "Jai Shri Ram"!!!

    The surprising part is that the people who are self-certified as secular people are silent today and haven't spoken a word in condemnation of the step taken by Mamta Govt. It is nothing but hypocrisy. In fact, this same lobby has also remained silent throughout 2019 Lok Sabha campaign when Mamta Govt. allowed gunda raaj and incidents of violence throughout Bengal.
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    Secularism doesn't require any certification and it becomes evident from the acts. It's disheartening to find Ms Banerjee's reaction whenever somebody chants "Jai Shri Ram". It seems she treats the chanting as a slang. The whole country is watching what is happening here in WB and as a resident of this state, I feel ashamed. Actually, the arrests have been made after she instructed the authorities yesterday when her convoy stopped for a couple of times on hearing the chanting. Most of the lobbyists here are opportunists and they speak up only when their own agendas are hampered. Another thing may be the level of tolerance. Bengalis are very emotional and I think very tolerant too and till now most of those 'intellectuals' haven't found the limit crossed. We have to wait for some more time until things are blowing out of proportion.

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    In this country people are free to chant anything as per their religion and ideologies. No one is ever against it. The mosques are reciting Quran on loudspeakers in the morning, they take Muharram Tazia on the roads, temples are singing praises of Gods on loudspeakers, they take Rath yatra on the roads, churches are holding the congregation in style and so on. No one is objecting anyone to perform those religious practices. Then suddenly in West Bengal the ruling party starts fearing the religious chanting. It is ridiculous. If in a secular country you are not following a religion does not empower you to stop others to follow it. The democratic set up of our country is based on a deep secularism and being appreciated and even envied by the other countries who are disintegrating under communist forces. I think it is simply the desperation of defeat.
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    Presently I am in Kolkata. My family-members, myself, my friend and relatives are stunned by the words she used in Bengali. I have seen the latest video again and again. Nobody attacked her vehicle although she has alleged this. Police have arrested 10 people at her behest.

    Believe me! Bengalis are very angry. Her party is being decimated well before the Assembly election. She can't survive politically till 2021 Assembly election.

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    Secular people will talk only when there is a problem for minorities but not to the majority people. They feel any injustice can be done to majority religion people in a secular country. But no injustice can be done to minorities. This is the situation in our country. The definition of Secularism is to be changed as per them.
    There is no change in their thinking. But in recent elections, we have seen the change in the mindset of the people. But Mamata has not learned the lesson still. Why in a secular country person can't chant " Jai Sri Ram". I don't understand her apprehensions in this.
    West Bengal people showed their dislike of the methods of the State government in the recently concluded elections. As mentioned by others it is really shameful. No wonder, no secular lobby will talk against her. It is high time that these politicians should understand that gone are the days. They can't get the votes by showing caste and religion feelings.

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    Mamta Banerjee's continuous Anti-Hindu stand whether it is against Durga Pooja or Saraswati Pooja has left no doubt that she doesn't believe in secularism and democracy. She's so blind in vote bank politics that she now even doesn't care about Supreme Court's warning for communal behavior.

    By the way, this is not the first instance where Jhehadi didi has got problem with "Jai Shri Ram".

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    I am wondering of few of Bollywood actors including Naseeruddin Shah who were much concerned with the changing politics in our country. Where are they now? But still I have satisfaction of the fact that the belief and thinking of a common man is changing fast with the media playing a major role inhere and has been clearly visible during the recent election with demolishing the selective sections.

    What the current CM is doing is nothing sort of a depiction of disappointments on her end with fear growing inside her for unprecedented outcomes which may happen during the upcoming state election in 2020. It's good that she is fearing now.

    What she did to others is now coming back to her.

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    I also feel that it is a desperation of defeat. Still one should keep control on ones temperament and should not act in a cheap way. There is protocol in high positions and people should follow it to maintain the grace of their position.
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