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    What should be the public perception about healthcare?

    What's your view of the current healthcare system in India? What are its good aspects and its downside? Should the Government step in and take control of certain or all aspects of healthcare? So many aspects to discuss!

    We have various service sectors that we depend on for our day to day lives. The administration and these sectors are inter-dependent. How we view each sector and the public perception is crucial not only for the success but also to the issues related to these sectors. I say this because the image of a department or a sector can mitigate or escalate the complaints or mistrust.

    Indian Healthcare has grown rapidly especially the private sector. Unfortunately, so has the spiraling costs. At present, people have to spend a huge amount of their monthly salaries or even dip into their savings to foot the bills.

    On one hand, we, the people want to and still believe that healthcare deals with human lives and should be noble, low/no profit kind of service sector. It should be free of corruption, free of mistakes, very transparent, etc. On the other hand, these hospitals are run by corporate houses and even the smaller hospitals exist and are run as a business model by MBA experts and non-medical personnel in many places. Here, healthcare is also a business venture, wherein profits have to be made and hence the issues that plague all other services sectors creep into the healthcare system.

    How do you view our healthcare and how do you justify your views? I personally fee this is very important because at present the trust of people in the healthcare sector has eroded a lot giving way to mistrust, suspicion, complaints, and violence.
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    Health care is a big area any may agencies are involved in it. Right from the manufacturing of drugs and accessories to the treatment of a patient in the hospital, there are people involved at every stage. Today everything has evolved as a business and the healthcare has gone to the background. It is unfortunate but the problem is we have not differentiated the different parts of healthcare in a legal framework and somehow allowed everything to develop in a profit-making venture. Those who are manufacturing drugs and other items are definitely in business to earn some money but those who are treating the patients are not supposed to be a business enterprise because it will lead to injustice to the patient in form of unwanted treatment and exaggerated costs of it. The network of private hospitals is giving a very comfortable stay for the patients but the associated costs and danger of over medications are embedded therein. It requires a phenomenal overall if exploitation in the name of treatment is to be curtailed.
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    Yes, nowadays fees in private hospitals and health care units are increasing more and also the costs of medicines are increasing more and more. Right from the normal vitamins to drugs required to treat some illness. Compared to wholesale medical shops, the costs of medicines in private health care units are more. We can bring the same medicine for low cost in wholesale medical shops or medical agencies. But everyone in society is not aware of this. Middle-class families with grandmothers/ grandfathers need everyday medicines like Blood pressure tablets, sugar tablets, diabetic tablets, etc. At least for frequent buyers, some discount should be given by the health care units.

    And medicines given by the doctor in a private hospital can't be found in other medical shops, they will be found only in their medical shops. It has become compulsory to buy the medicines in their medical shops itself, even though costs are high. We have no option in this matter, It should be changed.


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    These days health care is not a service. It is a business. All corporate hospitals will have targets and they have to meet those targets. They pay good salaries to doctors. But doctors will also be given targets. That is why when you go to a corporate hospital for small problems also they will make it big and try to earn as much as possible.
    These days many people are taking health insurance policies. So when you go to a corporate hospital the first question they are going to ask you is whether you have insurance. The moment you say, YES, they start escalating your bills.
    These days education and health sectors are more profit-oriented businesses rather service oriented. I feel the government hospitals should be equipped well and the doctors there should give good service to the people and do justice the salaried they are getting there. Then only corporate hospitals will become irrelevant and no one will go there for the treatment.

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    Healthcare is a very important aspect in the life of the public. It is one of the most crucial thing and requires complete control of Govt on this. The healthcare should be very affordable and easily accessible for the ordinary public.
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