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    Is this the right time to abolish Article 370?

    Article 370 provides autonomous status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. There are varying views on whether or not it is time to abolish this Article. Share your own views of this current topic.

    Now that new Govt. has come with full majority and a strong Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah, has been appointed, I believe this is the time to abolish Article 370 as early as possible. To abolish Article 370, all you need is the proclamation of the President of India and it is done. It just takes political will to make this decision.

    If we observe the current political situation, the opposition is in a shock and no one's taking them seriously and also they are facing their own internal issues because of massive defeat in current Lok Sabha Elections. So, there is no one in opposition to oppose this Govt. and if anyone opposes, no one's there is support or take note of that. Even, in Jammu and Kashmir, there is President's rule in the state and therefore law and order situation is also in the hands of Central Government and therefore it can also be handled comfortably.
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    If we want complete integration of J&K with India, the abolition of Article 370 and Article 35A is a must. Jammu, Kargil and Ladakh would whole-heartedly welcome this move. The northern part of Kashmir valley will accept this little bit reluctantly. The Paki-backed separatists of the Southern Kashmir valley would oppose the decision, but it must be suppressed.
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    Yes. I think so. Yesterday after seeing the portfolio's allocation, I and my sons were discussing the same point. This is high time that Article 370 should be abolished. Majority of the public will accept it. So the government should go ahead with this. Mr Shah is a very good planner and he is able to implement the plan as per the road map without any deviations. He is a very strong personality and can force very hard decisions also.
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    Article 370 and 35A were incorporated in certain political situations to mitigate the misunderstandings at that time in that part of the country. It was not a permanent solution. It was something like giving the chocolate to the child.

    Today J & K has immensely lost on the revenue front as due to terrorism the tourism industry is badly hurt. The business environment is not conducive for entrepreneurs and innovators. The new generation is misguided and wasting their time in worthless act. Abolishing these unnecessary articles and bringing J & K in the main stream is an essential act for the Govt. The people of J & K will welcome this but the problem is a handful of leaders and clergy men who are taking advantage out of the confusion and turmoil in the area.

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    It should had been done much earlier but still there is time to do it and in all probability it will be done in the present tenure. Once the Muslim population understands the rationale and benefits after removal of this faulty Article, it will become easier for the Govt to abolish it.
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    We always claim that Jammu & Kashmir is the integral part of India. It is one of the States like any other State of the Country. Then why this special status to this State?. The special status given to Jammu & Kashmir is being misused by the vested interests who are trying to separate Jammu & Kashmir from India. It the right time that the Indian constitution is amended deleting article 370.
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    These are the sins of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru which India is facing even today. Because of his foolish decisions, many soldiers and civilians died till independence in Jammu and Kashmir.
    In order to save Nehru's personal interest, interest of India and specifically Jammu and Kashmir has been compromised.
    With Kashmir issue, not only issue of separation and governance have arose but also serious issue of terrorism has also arisen and it has cost India heavily in terms of lives of civilians and soldiers and also in terms of development of Jammu and Kashmir.
    Interest of one family have compromised interest of whole nation.

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