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    Congress has boycotted media for next 30 days. How fair it is in a democracy?

    Congress has decided to boycott television debates for the next 30 days. In a healthy democracy, healthy public discourse is crucial. Without that, there is no democracy.

    After huge defeat in recent Lok Sabha Elections, Congress party is going through big challenges within and outside the party and therefore it is understandable that party may initiate certain reforms but boycotting media cannot be the step in a democracy. Congress party is a political party and not private organization and therefore it is the duty of political parties to involve themselves in public discourse.

    In my opinion, Congress shall reconsider this decision at least for the sake of healthy democracy and to become a responsible opposition.
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    This is not boycott. Congress is consciously avoiding the media so that the party doesn't have to answer uncomfortable questions on election defeat and leadership crisis. This is crystal clear to all politically conscious people.
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    The Congress leadership has directed its members not to take part in any channel discussions or to give interviews for the next thirty days in order to ensure that no wrong message is sent across to the public and also to avoid any possible confusion that may be created. This move is particularly to thwart the media attempt to cash in on discussions related to the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and his decision to resign from the party president's post. It is an internal decision of the party and does not actually affect the public in any way and so I don't think there is nothing undemocratic in this. Neither the media has been asked to put a stop to any such discussions nor have they been boycotted.
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    Correct. This is a decision taken by the party internally to avoid confusion and not to air controversial views at this crucial stage. Even though there is an increase in the number of seats Congress won this time from last elections, it is nowhere near their expectations. Rahul Gandhi has resigned and don't want to continue. In this situation, different people talking in different ways will create confusion and public will not appreciate. It is always better to be silent when we lose and think and make soul search to know the reasons for the defeat. Then we should make amendments and try to be victorious next time. That is what Congress is trying to do that now.
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    The simple explanation could be that few are unable to digest this whole thing and is caught within the unprecedented circumstances and the decision making process of the Congress Party's top command which has further intensified with the resignation of the State's head and with the increasing disinterest being shown by the other top leaders of this party to its leadership.

    No doubt that this will further got to be intensified in the coming times and the boycotting media for next 30 days is just a beginning of this whole episode and I am not surprised of this as this had always been the case with only the difference that this is coming out since recently.

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    Media will always exploit the loose tongue leaders whichever party they belong to. Media always tries to present the thing in a spiced form and if that job is done by the leader himself then what better can be for the media than that.

    It is good thay congress party has taken a respite from media for a month. It is a prudent decision otherwise whatever they were talking or alleging was boomeranging back on them. They have to do their homework well before coming to the dias.

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    It is ridiculous to note that a national level party is avoiding the media for a long time of one month. It means that they are fed up with the media which gave them so much publicity and exposure but eventually they did not win in the elections and are not happy with the media.
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    Avoiding media will indirectly portrait Congress party that they have no courage to face the questions of journalists. Win and loss is part of democracy. Congress party should face the media and answer their questions. This will help them to improve the image of the party than avoiding media.
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    I want repeat it once again that Congress is a political party and political parties are supposed to have a huge discourse with people whether directly or indirectly as that's essential way to understand what people wants and that is how democracy works.
    I am saying it again that Congress Party is a political party and not the private property or organization that may seize their selves from public discourse specially from media which is the biggest medium of public discourse.
    Secondly, calling every media channel as supportive of Govt and partial is not true neither good because not each and every media channel may wrong, it may be time for Congress that fault is in their own within the party and resolve that fault.

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    How can a party with an immature leader as president would face the media after biting the dust in the recent election? It is better for the party to be silent for a few days to condole their defeat. It may not be a boycott but self-control of the party and its leaders.
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    The Congress has decided not to send spokespersons to debates etc for a month. While there is no obvious reason given, it would be like to be thought to be as a result of the assumption that the media is leaning more towards Mr.Modi and the BJP or it would assumed that the party does not want to get into the embarrassing discussion and dissection of the party's recent drubbing in the election.

    To me, this is practically a good decision because by 30 days, the impact of the poll loss would be lessened and there would be other news and events that would be in the media and the minds of the people.

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    Democracy is not impacted here in any case since the decision of Congress leadership is regarding the interaction with the media by its members in the next 30 days. The role of the opposition is within the parliament and the party has not restricted its elected members to attend discussions in parliament, so the author's apprehension about the decision being undemocratic doesn't hold good. I hope everybody remembers the comment of Mr Sam Pitroda in one of his interviews during the election which caused embarrassment to the Congress party. It's absolutely an internal matter of the party and every political party has to analyze its results carefully. If some of the party members say something out of her/his own without waiting for the complete analysis, it may further embarrass the party and hence I would say there is nothing wrong in the decision taken by the Congress leadership.

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    Well, Congress party is avoiding media just to limit the level of embarrassment post decimated debacle in the LS elections. Congress is shattered. It does not want the media personnel to encash their meek position at national level now; for a party which dominated India for a very good 60 years of realm.

    But, it is not just. Many are saying, it is not going to demean democracy, may be. But Congress is losing its value as a national party. Would the case have been same if Congress could have come victorious in this election? And how often RG and PG campaigned and occupied the full screen of their sponsored news channels before elections? Why double standards now? They are showing what level a political party can go if their deed is not achieved or accepted by the general public.

    If Congress president is under personal turmoil, let him be so. Accept his resignation. Let someone capable lead the show rather coaxing an Ox to milk.

    India is a democratic nation. Congress has a moral responsibility to answer to 52 LS constituencies' people from whom they won. People are being cornered now. Yes, Congress dug its own grave by not choosing to participate in the national media for next 30 days immediately proceeding the LS 2019 results.

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    It is very clear that the Congress party did not expect the dismal defeat it suffered n the Lok Sabha elections 2019, They were keeping high hopes and were overconfident about their 'strategy' and campaign slogans. Their expectation was boosted by the success they got in a few state elections and some bye-elections. That their top leader and main campaigner lost the traditional seat and just saved himself from ignominy of defeat only because of the 'saviour south' was also a rude shock to them, while heaving a breath.
    There is turmoil going on in the minds of party leaders, party workers and alliance parties about all these. Hence unless some control is implemented, there may be many voices from different sides and the party will plunge into deep danger.

    So to keep the flock intact for the time being and to avoid unpleasant questions from workers ,followers and public and also to avoid controversies and split, the party has ordered a'silent period' of one month.

    This is from a party which was blaming Modi of being afraid to meet the media till a few days ago too.Ironical.

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    It is now time for Rahul Gandhi to invite Modi for a face to face discussion from a public platform. Is RAGA ready? Modi is ready.
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    There is a resignation spree going on in Congress. And Rahul Gandhi is trying to find out the next exotic destination for 'atmachintan'. This time he has already tendered his resignation as party president. So, there will be no time-constraint for atmachintan. He will enjoy atmachintan in a new exotic location.
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