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    The canvas of your life

    Life is fleeting, it's uncertain, a myriad of colours for sure
    A canvas in white, you'll fill in colours as you go
    The reds, the blacks; the greens, yellows and browns
    A touch of blue and grey and maybe a little silver on the crown

    The image's constantly changing, as time plods slowly by
    Paint a pretty rainbow, to cover the dark skies
    The final touches on the canvas are for others to see
    The painting will finally be put up in a gallery up above
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    Yes. Life is a white paper. There are colour pens and pencils with you. How you fill the notebook is your choice. Make it beautiful by using a good combination of colour and see that the writing will be appreciated by one and all.
    always confident

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    A nice composition by the author. The octave consisting of two quatrains is not only well composed but also has a philosophical end. Yes, it is very true that the canvas of our life is full of myriad colours and and the final rainbow will be shining in its own glory and with time it starts slowly dissolving in the heavenly blue background to be engulfed in the nothingness.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A nice poem by the author. The description of life from start to its end in a colourful way and that also in consonance with the poetic rhythm and eloquence. The heading or title of the poem impressed me much. It is very catchy. Well done. I liked the poem.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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