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    When your choice is to be the copycat

    "So, you want to be like me. But why"?
    "Actually, I like the way you dress, you talk and the whole appearance has an appeal".
    "How can you be like me? Your age and my age are different, we speak different languages, and even my food habit also may not match yours so how it's possible"?
    "But I can copy yours. Actually, I started to dress like you and it will take some time for me to ape your gestures".
    "Ok, it's good that you started copying me so early, but why you chose me? There are many out there doing much better than me; you could have chosen any one of them".
    "Maybe, but you know it's like love at first sight".
    "Did you say you love me"?
    "Not really, actually I don't know how all this happened. Maybe to me, your complete personality has a special appeal".
    "This is very natural and happens in many of us. The kind of person one chooses to copy varies from person to person, but why you chose to be a copycat rather than being the original? Can you be me? Just me, the self of mine? Do you know what I am thinking now"?
    "No, I don't think it's possible".
    "Then choose the things you like in me and develop those yourselves to be a better one. Do them in your own way, in your own style. A complete copycat has no self-identity and people remember them by referring to the name of the person whom they copied. Choose wisely, but don't copy".

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    A good lesson to those who love to copy blindly. Those who inculcate a few qualities by following someone make a statement for themselves but just copying without any improvisation take them to a dead end. It's a good piece of writing with a great message. One must choose to absorb the proper qualities and not just decide to do anything just because he/she is a big fan of someone. It makes a fool of oneself.

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    A well-written message. Imitating others and following others completely is not good. We can appreciate others for their ways and means. We can try to follow them. But we can do them in your own way. When an actor copies another actor people will see not this actor but the actor whom he is imitating. Another issue physical appearance and dressing and talking you can imbibe. But try to understand the inner beauty of the person and try to practice those qualities. That will be more helpful to you than imitating his physical gestures.
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    I like the line said by Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Roa in the above response that, try to understand and practice the inner beauty instead of copying the physical appearance. If you copy someone as it is, you lose your identity as the author of this thread said. One should develop their own identity instead of copying others.

    Many of us like some things in others and try to copy their style, but we should develop our own style, shouldn't copy of others. Instead, if we want to become a person of that kind, try to understand the inner thoughts and practice those in your own way.


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    Copying is not a good trait and copying blindly is a disaster. It is always better to be ones original self rather than mimic the behaviour and styles of others. Copying may look attractive in the beginning but it finally turns into a mess of shabbiness which spoils the whole process. Following the footprints of great personalities and their principles are the things which are to be inculcated in life rather than copying the mannerism and dresses of the celebrities.
    Knowledge is power.

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    One should have ones own individuality and that is what counts in life. Copying others will not have any value addition to ones personality. It will in fact create aberrations and deformities in ones overall personality.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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