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    Respect yourself and respect others

    A human being is a social animal. He/She is living in a society. One has to interact with other people many times every day for many reasons. So we should adopt a soft and amicable approach towards others. We should respect them and their feelings. We need not accept them if we don't like. But criticising them and always pointing them out is not a good trait. But at the same time, if somebody is acting in an indifferent way and causing problems to other fellow human beings, pointing out the mistakes in a gentle way and correcting them is also very important.

    At the same time, we need not make ourselves low. Self-respect is also very important.

    I think learned members will agree.
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    Sorry, I don't agree with you. There are people in our society, even if you tell their mistakes gentle way, it hurt their "ego". They may not hurt you openly, but will try to teach you their lesson secretly because they have their honest image in the society. So, respecting people is important but respect that much as much they respect you. Simply being humbled is not going to fetch anything positive in your life.

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    Yes as Anjana said, there are many people in this society who disrespect the people intentionally. These egoistic people know what they are doing, but does such things just to satisfy their ego. We can't change those type of people, even in a soft or harsh manner. Time has to change those people. But we should not lose our respect in order to give them a lesson.

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    It is said that courtesy begets courtesy and respecting others is the way to get respect. There are exceptions to everything and this philosophy also have exceptions. There are some people in the society who will never reciprocate our good gestures. It is a difficult thing to find out or decide as what to do with such people. Should we ignore them or should we give them lessons to be away from us? Whatever we do they will not change their ways.
    Knowledge is power.

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    People who respect others generally get respect or are treated with respect in the society. These things also help in making the reputation of the person. It is a good trait and is like a valuable possession.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Respect to get respected it is a two-way process, not just a one-sided affair! When a person respects you, naturally you are also compiled by his behavior to respect and honor him back.

    However, it is difficult sometimes to deal with the degree of soberness when someone disrespects you. We have to change the gear and react with equal intensity as the one who is disrespecting you.

    But always respectful towards others is good. We should respect others and try to avoid a situation where you may feel a thing can get worse and you are compelled to react badly.

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