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This thread is the Special prize Winner of the Topic based monthly TOW contest for the month of may'19 on topic "Choice"
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    My life, I choose you! You are my choice

    There's always has been a choice in front of me. Choices those sometimes rejoiced me, choices which sometimes confined me. Sometimes I got confused and stood on crossroads for not knowing where to go from there. Sometimes I wondered life would have been much better without the option of choosing. In the struggle, I somewhat forgot that choosing is part of living. We are the end product of our choices. Thus, the choices we make today will determine where we will be.

    My dear life, today I choose you. No more fear. No more worries. No more anxiety attacks and negativity that will bring and radiate pain. This time my choice is to be happy and peaceful. Both of them are your qualities. I choose you because I want to experience the feeling of living you. I don't want to reach the end without experiencing your touch and feel. You embraced me. You chose me way back. Now, it's my turn. Today, you are my top priority and choice.

    This is an entry for the TOW topic-based contest on choice.
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    A post with positive attitude towards the life. Life is the most precious thing that has been bestowed on us by the mother nature. Over and above the life the property called consciousness in the humans is the rarity in the animal world and that is which distinguishes it from the lower level life forms. Being rare we can think and decide our paths and select our choices. We must exercise the option of choosing the best for us and what can be better than choosing the life to avail its all elements for our welfare.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes in our life we make many choices and we always try to choose the best. Some times we go into a dilemma which path o choose, and sometimes we know what to choose without any confusion.

    To leave life peacefully, we should take the correct decision and should take the right path. Like the author of the thread said, the choice we make today will determine where we will be tomorrow. If we make the wrong choice, we have to face all the bad consequences in the future. So a wise decision is always important.


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    A good thought by the author. Choosing ones life as a choice is something full of positivity and constructive thinking in the life. The people who have not accepted their life in its entirety and escape from it due to many reasons, do not know the value of their life and waste it like that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A good thread by the author. Life is a God gift. Let us choose to be happy and peaceful. What an excellent thought. Even though there is a choice to you your destiny is already confirmed. God will make you take the choice what he likes than what you like. So don't worry and be happy. But don't run away from doing your work and living your life. Take everything as it comes and be contended. God will make us take the choice which he selected and take ur where we should suppose to be. Everything is with Him only, I think. Everyone should love their life and enjoy. They should not run away from the race of race. Then only we will understand the real value of our life.
    always confident

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