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    How would you rate your drinking water?

    When I was doing my post-graduation, I stayed in a rented flat with one of my friends who was doing his studies in Micro Biology. One night when we all were sitting together discussing some general topics, he opened up an issue which was almost unbelievable for any of us. He briefed on one of his experiments on the water samples which were collected from different sources like the finest of the restaurants, different homes and the water being kept with the local tea sellers etc.

    The final outcome of the experiment on the samples recorded that the water that was being kept at the small tea shops was more pure and reliable in comparison to the others which appeared to be trustworthy sources. This is mainly due to the fact that the small tea shops were not using any equipment or chemicals for purifying but were using the water as is available from local taps. The reports went on to say that this water had huge mineral contents which are required by our body but in the other cases this was never possible due to the installation of RO.

    By the way, that was an interesting discussion leading up to the disclosure of something unimaginable and unexpected which still makes me ponder on whether our drinking water is safe and trustworthy?

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    An interesting thread by the author. In general, we can say the type of water we are drinking like filtered water of the water purifier, municipality supplied drinking water, packaged drinking water etc and also the taste of the water. But as long as the sample is not tested by a reputed laboratory it's not possible to rate it. It's true that since there is a scarcity of drinking water supplied by the local municipalities we depend on water purifiers and packaged ones. The companies manufacturing those water purifiers and filters advertise many things which are impossible to judge just by tasting it. There are so many brands selling packaged drinking water because of the prevailing situation and nobody is certain about the quality of the water. A very few of the reputed companies mention in their bottles that minerals are added in their packaged drinking water otherwise the rest are selling only packaged drinking water. There are many dubious activities going on everywhere and I thank the author for posting this thread with a cautionary note to check the quality of our drinking water.

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    An experiment becomes a theory only if it is able to reproduce the exact results again and again. The water we get is already purified at multiple levels. Sending them through a misfunctional filter or into a half clean glass can yield such results. My friend did the same experiment for his major project and found that the municipality water is harmful in the village area my college is located. It has high content or fluorine. And our college has a water cleaning plant on its own. Against the municipality drinking water, our college water was beyond good. Now since local shops used the same municipality water I would say that trusty sourced water is good in this case.

    There are places in Chennai where is the water is unbelievably salty. The same goes for Pondicherry. So we can't drink the tap water there. RO is the only resort. RO some times is concerned with giving alternate water not healthy water.

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    In Delhi, the MCD water supply the quality of water is not good so we don't drink tap water directly but have to install RO or have to buy RO water. It's strange that the water from the tea stall was the best. Usually, we all avoid drinking water from such places as we don't consider it hygienic. Also, the water from RO has a good taste we cannot drink tap water once we start drinking RO water.

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    It would be interesting to know that we still have the far of locations from the main towns wherein the locals are using only the underground water in its natural form. Our family too had never used the RO for quite a longer duration but the time has changed a lot and because of increasing pollution we started using RO at our homes too. On the other hand few may have the issues with the MCD water supply but there are still the families who are using only MCD water supply as they are not facilitated with the RO.

    Yes due to increasing pressure on the resources they have changed a lot making many of us to choose from other affordable choices.

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    The quality of groundwater varies from place to place. In some places, the water will be hard and some places it will be soft. In Hyderabad generally, Municipal water is either River Majira water or River Krishna water. Both the waters are good. There is no fluorine in these waters. Water is very soft water only. But there may be some suspended solids because of the storage and supply. So once the water filters in a filter, we can consume that water without any RO plant and all that.
    In some places of Telangana, especially in Nalgonda district, the fluorine content is very high in groundwater. We will find many people suffering from crippled legs, yellow spots on the teeth and similar problems due to the high percentage of fluoride content in water. These places RO plants are must and one should not take normal water as it is.
    The bottled water can't be taken as good quality water. There are many small companies supplying the municipal water just packing in the bottles as mineral water. We can't rely on them. Only reputed manufacturers maintain quality.

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    Generally water from water purifiers is supposed to be potable. There could be some insufficiency of minerals in it but that will happen in the process of filtering. The tap water or water in the small eateries may not be reliable as there are issues of huygeine there and one should avoid using it for drinking.
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    The ground water in most part of the country is getting contaminated due to water pollution. The chemical wastes of industries and the drainage water is getting in to the earth without proper treatment. Few years back in most of the cities the source of drinking water was from wells. Now most of the wells are either dried up or not potable due to water contamination. The water source is getting in to deeper and deeper year by year. People dug bore wells beyond thousand feet. It is an alarming situation. The water contamination poses many health hazards. The Government and all people concerned should take immediate remedial action.
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    The problem with drinking water is there are so many factors that can affect it's quality from the point of origing to the final bottle or tap outlet. We cannot generalise based on one person's experience or even one locality in the same region.

    In our region, there were reports of the same municipal water that was good in some parts and bad in some areas, this was due to contamination because of underground pipe leakage. Last year, there was a report of the areas at the peripheral Bangalore wherein 80% of tap water was contaminated (chemically and bacteriologically).

    My reply and the others are just a snapshot of a random finding/report, there would many more such findings. So, it would be important for the public to be aware and request periodic testing of water or when there is a cluster of water-borne infections in a particular area.

    As consumers, we should also ensure that we have filtration and purification systems in place at the home or apartment level. Yes, RO water or purified water does loose minerals and vitamin D but that's the price we have to pay.

    Lastly, with regards to bottled water, I'm worried about the large 20-liter cans that are available at apartments, workplaces, hotels, and hospitals too. Is this water genuine or is it just tap water with the label of a popular brand?

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    Drinking water needs certain stringent tests and if it does not pass it then it is not to be taken as drinkable. Certain minerals and elements are required in the water to make it as a healthy medium. At the same time there are many hazardous elements like Mercury, Cadmium, Selenium, Arsenic, Cyanide, Lead etc which are not required even in traces. So water purifiers are required to clean the water from its impurities but should not decrease the essential minerals. It makes the job of a water purifier designer difficult as after complete cleaning the essential minerals are to be added externally.

    In our houses the drinking water which we use from the water purifier is supposed to be filtered in accordance with these stipulations and if we have a doubt we can get that water tested in a laboratory.

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