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    Choice of friends in our life

    Friends are present in everyones life and they are the people with whom we confide our success, failures and even worries. Without them we feel alone and deserted. Most of the people have friends while many have life long friends. In any case the usefulness of the friends can not be undermined.

    The crucial question which comes in the mind is how to choose our friends. What is the criterion for selection of a good friend and how the choice of friends can affect our life.

    One thing is that the friends should be like minded otherwise we will not be in a harmonious resonance with them. Other important thing is that a friend should be reliable so that we can trust in him and confide in him time to time. A good friend is a life long treasure and a joy for ever.

    In essence our choice of a friend is very crucial and a good selection of the same is a very important aspect in our life. We should keep friendship with good people as a person is known by the company he keeps.

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    Friends do play a very important role in our lives and hence we have to be cautious while making friends. We meet so many people on a regular basis and have talkative relations with many of them but all of them are not friends. Though the term friend is so common that we refer to many of them as friends just like the friends' list in the social networking platforms but in real life, we do not have so many friends. We choose friends depending on a few aspects and mutual trust and respect are very important here. We discuss certain things only with our friends and a good friend can always work as a guide. During childhood, we make and break friendships, a few of them stay throughout life and can become very good friends. They stay as good friends because we chose them and they also chose us to be their friends.

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    A friend in need is friend in deed. We must make friends who are cordial, helpful, reliable and cooperative. They will be a long time assets in our life. Friends are a great company. You can talk to them everything which you may even not like to confide with your family members.

    I feel having good friends is a very fortunate and happy thing. They are a source of continuous joy in our life. Passing a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends is a great delight. It rejuvenates you for the next hectic week.

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    Friends are very important in one's life. Having too many friends or not having friends is never advisable. A friend is a real friend only when he will be with you in your difficult times. When you have money with you many will be around you and you can't consider them as your friends. When there is no money with you also if someone comes and treats you like before, he is only a real friend. A real friend will be a good mentor. When you are in problems he will help you and advise you and see that you will be out of those problems.
    One should be very careful in choosing his friends. You may be coming across many people and some of them may be very talkative. We should not get into the trap. We should select good friends who will think alike. We should be also a good friend when we expect our friends to be good with us. Friendship will remain for long when both of you respect each other and help each other as required. Be good to your friends and expect your friends to be good with you. Be careful and selective in making friends.

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    Absolutely friends are important in our life. We always require a few people in our life with who we may share our sorrow and may feel light.

    It's important how are our friends because it is said that we are known with the company we keep. It's important to have trustworthy friends. It's not easy to find good friends but when we get good friends we should not let them go out from our life.


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