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    Sometimes the best Choice is having No Choice

    Getting the privilege to make a choice on one hand and having no options to make a choice are two sides of the coin. Life presents both the sides of the coin to us. Sometimes we get the opportunity to pick, choose and select what is best for us but at times we do not get this privilege and we have to accept what comes our way. This is applicable for both our day to day activities and also for important milestones in our life. But is not having a choice the end of the road? No, I don't think so.

    Sometimes having too many choices confuses a person and they need to spend a lot of time in thinking which a better choice is. Even after they make a choice it leaves a room for regret in their life later when results are not positive. Then people start thinking "Had I opted for option 1 it would have been better. Alas! I made the wrong decision". Though this may not be a reason at all still they keep regretting on their choice.

    On the contrary other hand when people do not have any choice then they may feel that they are unfortunate but on the other hand, since they have to accept whatever is available they do not need to spend time in thinking which is a better choice. Also later in life, they will not have the regret of things don't go well. They will think "Well I didn't have a choice, I had no option but to go for whatever I got".

    To summarize, everyone wants a choice in their life. Not getting to make choice in life can be demoralizing but at times it happens that it still turns out to be good for us and leads us to the right path in our life. For people who believe in God and destiny will agree that sometimes God and destiny make the best choice on our behalf and leads us in the right direction. At times having No Choice can turn out to be the best choice. I am not saying that having no choice is good but this thought process will make us positive even if we are not able to choose rather than just fretting over not getting choice.

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    It seems difficult to survive without choices as there are options at every step in our life. We may avoid having more options but still few will crop up in front of us and force us to take a conscious decision by opting for a choice. The journey of life is like that. Choices bring hopes with them and then more choices come in our ways to go ahead by a prudent selection of options time to time.

    It is ones choice to consider more options or less but they will be there always like a question mark in our life and until we answer to those questions the things will not move forward. Avoiding all the options will bring stagnation in life.

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    When there is only one road to our destination, we have to travel through that road only to reach our destination. In the 1970s we used to have only one bus in our village to go to the nearest city. So who wanted to go to the city should get up and get ready and catch the bus. There is no alternative. People adapt themselves to the available option.
    When there are many choices as mentioned by the author we may get confused and we may not take the right choice. This happens many times. We may be proved wrong in the decisions we take. But it is all in the game. There is no use of repenting for the decision we have taken. We have to move on.
    It is always better to have a limited choice and making the best decision in selecting a good choice will be easy for you when there are limited choices. God has not given us options to extend our life span or decrease our life span. It is predetermined by him and we have to follow the suit.

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    Having multiple options gives a person choices to make. When we have alternatives, we can choose one out of them which appears the best as per our judgement hoping that it will give us the desired returns and success in life. A situation of no choice is a default mode and we have nothing to do in such a strange situation.
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