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    How to reduce unemployment in our country?

    Unemployment is a big problem in the developing and backward countries. Everyone can not be capable or able of self employment or starting ones own work. So most of the people look towards Govt or private enterprises for a safe and secure job. Students also feel that their duty is only up to acquiring education and after that state has a responsibility to employ them in appropriate category depending upon the merit.

    Generating employment is not an easy task. It requires a vibrant economy where demand and production are both at high side. Consumer should have affordability and industry should provide products and other merchandise. Any mismatch will adversely affect the progress and sometimes even recessionary trends will set in.

    Can you think of or suggest some means which may help in decreasing the unemployment in our country? Please share your ideas and thoughts.
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    There is no firm solution. But because the population and in turn the educated population is huge in India, generating local employment is a bit of a tough task. We have tried strategies to follow China in self sufficiency of our industries but Indian ideologies and economy won't stand without global trade. So I suggest the Indians in diaspora build start ups and other businesses that only recruit Indians from proper India. There are countries like Guyana and Fiji where us Indians are a majority. And these countries are very small. These are backward countries too. Their initiating a business would both their country's and India's economy. And this goes without saying that NRIs in US must try to bring efficient investments in these developing Indian majority countries to help Indians. This all sounds far fetched? There are many practical issues when it comes to transporting Indians who can work. But this is the best I could come up with.
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    The first thing is that the government should insist on the growth of small scale industries in the country by reducing taxes and providing them with the loan on reduced rates. We should understand that when we develop industries it will create job opportunities for people.

    The government should focus on developing skills for future industrialists. Also, the government should try to bring technology rather than importing things that will create employment in the country for sure.


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    Make in India is a very good programme which will generate many jobs and India will start exporting materials which will generate good revenues. But this programme has not kicked off so far. Now NAD government again has come to power I think there will be some boost to this and a good number of manufacturing and service industries will come to India. This will give a boost to the number of jobs available.
    The technically qualified people should not wait for a government job or Private job. They should think of starting on their own. The Mudra loans initiative taken by NAD government will help these people to get loans at a reasonable rate of interest and they can provide employment to people.
    There are many private industries where they are looking for skilled manpower but not able to get. The youth should go for a course for skill development in some good areas and see that their skill will be useful to the industry. The education should be designed in such a way that after acquiring their degrees, they can be employed directly in these industries.

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    It is believed that computerisation and automation has cut down some of the jobs in Govt as well as in private sector. If this is true then for a developing country this danger will always be there especially when population is also increasing. In my view there are opportunities in skill based self employment like electric works, plumbing works, general repair works, water management, catering services etc and people having no interest in academics should do certificate courses or diploma and start working on their own or through a private group.
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    Generating employment should not be the responsibility of the government alone, even we can come forward in this line. There are certain pockets where we need personnel effort to augment our income. We should not hesitate in adopting the advanced farming technology despite the fact that we do have a specialized qualification like the degree of MBA from a reputed institution or a BE degree from a coveted engineering college but are not able to secure jobs.

    We need to make our land fertile by thorough manuring and need to use better seeds to yield higher productivity in the area of paddy production or in the process of mango - production. The market is always available for absorbing these commodities provided we shed our hesitation in adopting such avocation.

    We have to look around our locality and a business can be taken up depending upon its demand in the local area such as keeping cows and Buffaloes in large numbers to cater to the needs of milk in that area. Such business looks dull initially but the turnover is excellent if we maintain patience.

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