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    Engineering career: Is it the Right choice?

    Technology has seeped into everyday life! Computers, handheld devices, smartphones, wearables and sensors are all an integral part of our life.
    A career choice needs to be made after X and XII. The child and parents are all worried and in dilemma about which is the right choice.

    According to me: If one is interested in designing, building, implementing, executing, innovating is your dream, then engineering is the right choice. Once can even choose engineering after tenth and not get into the rat race of XII, JEE and competitive exams.
    Demand for engineers in core fields like civil, mechanical, electrical, computers, and allied fields like data sciences, AI etc is on the rise.There are jobs but for the ones having strong tech and soft skills.

    What do you think?
    Is engineering the right choice after X or XII?
    How does on ensure that a particular branch of engineering is the right choice for self and will lead to a successful career?

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    This is a very good issue highlighted by the author. Since I am a first-year engineering student, I have faced the worst of the rat race, coping all the pressure, handling all the tough entrance exams and the worst failures of my life.

    First of all, the biggest problem in India is, that PCM means engineering which is really a wrong thing. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness and also the IIT race in which lakhs of lives are spoiled every year and some of the students commit suicide when they are not able to handle the pressure. Kota is the hub of coaching, (or I should say it is the hub of suicides!). Lack of awareness is the biggest problem. Even though educational levels have improved significantly, but the dominance of private coaching institutes does not let the Indian society shift from an engineering career to other careers. Still, it is good that in educated families, students have a more flexible choice of career decisions.

    The greatest irony is, engineers do not really go for engineering jobs after getting graduated. When I entered my college, most of the seniors had the thinking of taking government jobs in banking or other sectors which are not directly related to B.E degree. A lot of engineers (most of them from IITs), prefer to do an MBA and go to foreign to get good jobs rather than being a normal engineer. A lot of students go for UPSC exams.

    Taking PCM and then engineering as a career is a never terminating pit for those who become victims of Indian society thinking.

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    Engineering - choice is very relevant especially when the aspirant is purely dedicated to his studies having the ultimate mission to serve the area relevant to the field. Such an endeavour, can enhance work - shop productivity and in due course, the aspirant would learn how to tackle crucial problems in the day to day activities. The aspirants would require to show enough interest and should have the clarity of the basics so that the problems could be tackled effectively.
    In course of receiving inputs during one's four year tenure of the course, the aspirants do adopt a short cut approach - with the sole intention to maximise marks in their semesters. By doing so, they would achieve the minimum eligibility criteria to qualify Banking PO examination or they could qualify for UPSC examination.
    The very purpose of obtaining an engineering from a premiur institution in that case is defeated.

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    Engineering is the most sought after course after Intermediate or 12th. Some people prefer going to polytechnic after 10th class. Many parents want their wards to study Engineering preferably in IITs or NITs. For that, the agony the children as well as the parents undergoing can't be explained. The two years of intermediate study is the worst suffering time for the students as well as their parents.
    With so much suffering after completing their study a mechanical engineer never wants to work on any equipment on the shop floor. Again they will also go for the IT sector jobs only.
    When the engineering colleges were very few engineers never used to go for non-technical posts. But nowadays there are many engineering colleges. So after completing BE/B.Tech, some students are going for bank jobs and some are going for B.Ed. When you want to work in a bank or as a teacher why to take so many pains and study engineering. You can as well go for a normal degree and go for a bank or a teacher post. These days B.Tech or BE is like any other normal degree course like BA, B.Com or B.Sc.

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    Engineering is still a lucrative discipline especially if we compare it to pure science degrees. There are many opportunities to the engineering graduates especially in designing, computers and industrial arenas. For meritorious students it is a good choice to pursue engineering.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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