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    Brave-heart who lost his life while saving five people!

    A tourist guide, Ab Rouf Dar lost his life while rescuing five people including two tourists from West Bengal, Kolkata from river Lidder in Pahalgam while battling the ferocious current of the river.

    The incident took place when the tourist couple went for rafting and their boat with three local guides capsized. Rouf showed his valour and bravery and jumped into the river to save the tourists. Rouf saved all the five people but lost his life in the process! Rouf was fished out on Friday from the river.

    The Governor of J&K has announced an award posthumously and everyone in the state has hailed the valour of this brave heart.

    Isn't he a real hero? What do you feel?

    P.S: Lidder river in Pahalgam. She is 73 km long river and originates from Kolhoi glaciers near Sonamarg and joins Jhelum at khanabal. The water is crystal clear where adventure sports like white water rafting, trekking, as well as fishing takes place.
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    Yes, I too read this news and appreciate Rouf for his courage and bravery. It's not easy to find such people who put their lives in danger to save others lives.

    Rafting is a dangerous sport and one should be careful while doing it. I have heard many incidents where the people drowned and died while doing it. I personally have done it lots of time and feel it dangerous .


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    It is sad news for all of us that we lost a hardworking and honest person, and his family lost lone bread earner!

    It is good to hear that you have also done water rafting but if you still do, take very care of yourself while rafting.

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    The news has come in newspapers and I read it. We should appreciate the bravery shown by Ab Rouf dar. He sacrificed his life for saving 5 people. He is successful in saving five people. A real brave person and my sympathies to his family. I think the government should see that his family will not be in troubles because their earning member died. I pray to God to see that his soul will be merged with the Almighty without any rebirth and give him Mukthi.
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    The brave act put forth by Ab Rouf Dar is exemplary and heart touching. He sacrificed his life in this act of helping others. I pray to almighty for his soul to rest in peace. There are very few in the travel and adventure industry who can take such risks of their own life to protect others.
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    My salute to the braveheart Ab Rouf Dar. There are very few people like him who sacrifice their own lives while saving others'. People like him always come forward to help others and never care for their own safety. An award, posthumously, is not enough to recognize his efforts, the government must take complete care of his family as well. May his soul rest in peace and I pray to the almighty to give enough strength to his family members to overcome this painful loss.

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    A real person who had gone beyond his call of duty and gave his life to save others. The J&K government has done the right thing in acknowledging his bravery that demanded the highest price, his own life.

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