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    If you have a heart, you can help anybody

    How would you define the word helping in terms of assisting somebody in need? Would you consider giving money as helping a poor individual or offering assistance in a non-monetary way as real help?

    Many people have helping attitude and they help others in various ways. It is said that helping the needy, poor and destitute is the biggest act of humanity. What is required is a will to help and if there is a will there is a way.

    There are different schools of thought on helping. Some people say that we should create job or occupation for the poor rather than blindly helping them. Many advocate that we should not give help in the money form but can help in material ways like food or clothes or other such needs.

    There are different views on helping or making donations to the poor. Only thing is we should somehow have an inner feeling to help the needy whatever way we can afford. Do you also feel the same way? Should we help the poor or not?
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    We should help the poor. Creating work and making him earn his lively hood is also a help. I helped many young people to get jobs in the organisation I was working. Almost around 100 people got employment through me. Now they are well settled and they are happy. I am also happy when I see them
    I try to donate amounts for the needy through some NGOs. The amounts may not be very huge. But whatever is possible to me I donate. We donate clothes to the nearby Orphanage. I teach some poor students chemistry and mathematics. Like this, I will be doing some helps to the needy based on my capacity.
    Helping the needy is good. When the poor come to your house at lunchtime and asks for some food, we should give some food. When a person suffering from disease and he is not able to get it cured due to lack of financial resources we should do our level best. Serving the needy is serving God.

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    Helping the poor is a noble thing but we must ensure that it is going to really help them and not spoil them. Once they get free food and donations they avoid doing work even if it is available. So they will simply exploit the donor by taking sympathy for themselves. It is better to donate through the reputed agencies or NGOs who employ these people in small scale industries and give residence, food and pocket money. Even some orphanage get petty works of handicraft etc from these people and sell them in the market. It is good to help these orphanage houses also. We have definitely a heart for these underprivileged people but we should give them only through agencies who have engaged them in some creative work. Let them earn their food with dignity.
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    In my opinion, we should help poor, but not by giving money, by giving some food, clothes or providing an employment to them.

    If we give money they will get habituated to it and they continue begging. Now a days we are seeing news in newspapers, that few beggars having lots of money in lakhs, but still they beg. That means they are habituated to beg, even though they have lots of money. I am not saying in all cases, in some cases.

    I have also seen some beggars, they beg for money and they buy liquor and drink. They not even care for their family, they just beg to buy liquor.

    So if you want to help poor and beggars, try to provide them employment or give them food, clothes or other things they need. But not money.


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    Helping the needy is helping humanity. Helping people give us satisfaction and elevate our inner peace. Our help to the needy and poor can change the lives of many which can eventually turn their life into a prosperous one. Feel lucky enough if you are able to help the needy people.

    Donation is a like giving seed and gaining a mountain. Here our holy book saying about charity:
    "The charity of those who expend their wealth in the Way of Allah may be likened to a grain of corn, which produces seven ears and each ear yields a hundred grains. Likewise, Allah develops manifold the charity of anyone He pleases, for He is All-Embracing, All-Wise."

    Helping the poor is important and their upliftment is our responsibility. Don't run away from helping the needy and poor.

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    Yes, if your intention is to help others you will help. When we know somebody is needy and some help from us can solve certain problems we must help. Not necessarily it has to be monetary, it can be in any form as long as it is meeting the needs. Now, there are many situations where it is not possible to verify whether the person is really needy or duping others. Sometimes, we become emotional and help them. As long as our help is going to the needy it's serving a good purpose but if our help lands in the pocket of those who do not require it then the problem starts. There are people who will never work, though having capabilities, and always ask for help from others. It is their habit and may be difficult to change. Otherwise, we must help the poor and needy in whatever way we can.

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    A thoughtful thread, giving money to the needy, feeling good that we have done a charitable or a good act is one way of helping. But we can go beyond it and have a true sense of helping someone when we give in kind and not in cash.

    Most of us go to temples and on the way back drop a few coins to the poor sitting outside. Every Friday at the temple I go regularly, there comes a lady who brings small packets of food and distributes it to 10-15 people. I feel this is better than giving money because the sense of involvement and efforts put by the lady is more than me just dropping some small change.

    A couple of months back, Mr. GM Venkatkrishnan a Bangalore techie started 'Reflectlife', he distributed reflector vests to keep the people (poor cyclists, pushcart vendors, street cleaners) safe during the night on the poorly lit streets. At our apartment, there is a retired teacher, who would take tuitions for the children of the maidservants free of cost. These are good examples for the author's title. Yes, we can help, in our own ways, it doesn't need to be cash only.

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