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    When you missed something important!

    Do you realize the importance of instructions given at the head of an exam paper? This thread highlights that point and brings out an analogy between paying attention to exam instructions and other general areas of life as well.

    Remember the instructions written at the top of the question papers while writing the exams? Those instructions were general in nature like the answers must be to the point and marks will be deducted for bad/illegible handwriting. In many sections of the question paper, there were options provided to answer a specific number of questions out of the lot. In many cases, a few of my friends never followed the instructions properly and tried to answer all of the questions instead of the specific number mentioned in the instructions which resulted in wastage of time. That time could have been devoted to other sections. Actually, I found not following properly what others are saying or any instruction is a common trait. Many people do not follow properly. Imagine a situation when you bought tomatoes when your mother asked you to bought potatoes. A little alertness could have altered the situation. Or think of the case when somebody told a person to bring the PAN card and that person confidently carried the Voter I-card thinking that would solve the purpose.

    In the examination hall, you will find many students writing the exams just after receiving the question papers because they found many questions common. They do not pay any heed to what the invigilator is saying as if they will forget the answers if they do not write immediately. Life is not any examination, be alert and follow what others are saying or written somewhere as an instruction. Otherwise, you may be missing something very important.
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    Many students do this. They feel that to read all the instructions on the top of the question paper is a time waste. But they do costly mistakes by not following instructions. So it is wise to follow the instructions not only when we go for examinations but we should care for instructions everywhere and anywhere. When we get into the flight the air hottest ask for our attention to tell us some important precautions. But many people will not pay attention and they feel they know all those as they are travelling many times in flights.
    Sometimes we will not give much attention even to our family member's words and we do mistakes. Afterwards we will face the music. Similarly even in ISC also some of the members will not follow the instructions correctly and their contribution will get disqualified for the contest. One should give a little time to read or listen the instructions so there will not be any problem afterwards.

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    Well, I would say life is an examination. Yes, it is not an exam of our knowledge of books, but it tests our thought process, capabilities and patience. So, we need to be very alert and optimistic. Negativity will ruin our life. It is a hard and fast rule that people should understand a situation very well and then react or else there is a chance to act inefficiently. So, life is also like an examination paper, which regularly pushes us to face some new challenges, and we have to accept them and put in our best effort. Sometimes success lags, then again we prepare ourselves to cross the hurdle. So, it is a test all the time.

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    The importance of instructions? Frankly most of us ignore it. Right from the basic electronic gadgets to household items, how many of us read the instructions before we actually start using it? Most of us start using it and then refer the instructions if it does not work properly.

    When it comes to exam instructions, this has happened to me when I first took my overseas MCQ based entrance exams wherein there was negative marking (-0.25 for each wrong answer). I didn't realize it in the first session; after discussions in the break time, I was aware of this mistake and was careful with the next three sessions.

    I think it is lack of training or lack of awareness in general, most of us (at least myself) are never taught the importance of instructions at an early age. The times we would read instructions would be when we assemble or plug in a high voltage or a very expensive imported device.

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