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    A hard hitting post - somethings need to be said aloud

    It is saddening to read the disapproving tone of a couple of posts in this competition entry. No one deserves such critical reviews. I don't understand this push to kill the author's creativity. It is a competition entry, not a lesson for a kindergarten class that requires to be written keeping in mind the understanding capacity of the reader.

    Those on a fault-finding mission should perhaps take a deeper look at themselves to see what is wanting in them. There is an obvious absence of knowledge and comprehension on their part, but they chose to blame their inadequacies on the author.

    This is indeed a learning portal, but no one will hold your hand and walk you through your learning process. That initiative has to be yours; you have to make an effort to learn. Appreciate the author's intellect and abilities, and seek answers rather than passing disapproving comments.
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    Now that the contest is closed, we can discuss. The entry referred reflects the quality and command that the author has over the language. An excellent stark narration about a person having suicidal thoughts and the more important message - don't despair, help is at hand.

    For any person lack of experience or skill can be the driving force to learn/ acquire it. Sadly the same ignorantly can become the subject of criticism or the case of sour grapes.

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    It is true that it is a competition entry and the author or member has nothing to do with it except the contest author to study and evaluate. Whereas, the same author as an editor has deleted a contest entry (Micro tale) which is the creativity of a member participating in the contest. Why two separate rules for editors and members? Something should be done about.

    In a contest, the piece may be ignored or rejected and considered unfit for a prize, but never to be deleted to hurt the author's creativity in any way.

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    A good work will always face criticism due to various reasons related to human nature of reacting and criticising but it gets a number of accolades also. Inspite of a spate of all sort of criticism it finally retains its numero uno position. I think the writer has to be tolerant to that extent and wait till the dark clouds are broken and the beautiful blue sky emerges out.

    We are in a online social media environment where all sort of people are sharing their work with each other and the differences in the quality and contents will be obviously seen by everyone. Sometimes instead of appreciating other persons work, some destructive criticism takes place and that is the start of the confrontation. I humbly and sincerely feel that we must refrain from offensive and unnecessary criticism of others work and focus in our writings that is to channelise our energies in positive and constructive territories.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I see two possibilities, first that people hadn't heard of bungee jumping and hence were unable to join the dots and see the connection; the second a purposeful attempt to condemn. However, the tone and the tenor of the posts pronounced the most likely possibility, which is why I posted this thread.
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    Thanks, Juana.

    While I appreciate the support and the essence of this thread, I am of the opinion that it is not proper to discuss any entry and explain it if there is no clarity for some of the members, before the winners are announced. Hence, to be fair to the other participants, I wish to inform the editors who will be on the jury panel that my entry should be considered withdrawn.

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    The entry which you submitted was obviously a personal jibe and not one of so-called creativity. It was removed on the basis of a fair internal discussion.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I do not agree. Members are not the jurors here. All entries must be judged based on merit alone and not on the discussions that happen in the forum.

    The question here is was there really a lack of clarity? You know the answer to that. As I said, the tone and tenor was wrong. It would be imprudent to withdraw your entry from the competition.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    To be fair enough, I too was confused with the thread on 'choice' by ME Vandana. I couldn't evaluate the essence properly and to clear off my doubts, I asked her what she meant and she gently refused to explain as it was being a competitive entry. I too felt that it would not be fair on my part to post a response in the thread being a member of the Editorial team as it would influence the readers or the jury.

    But, again I revisited the thread and the responses yesterday and I could understand the true essence of the thread after reading Madam Juana's response. I was little dumbfounded to misread the thread initially and I can't stop to praise the creative masterpiece of Ms.Vandana and the research work of Ms.Juana, both being my favorite authors in ISC.


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    There was no research work involved, it was crystal clear from the word go. And, anyway, creative writing has to have a touch of mystery and suspense. I feel it is a brilliant piece of writing - and forum discussions shouldn't influence the results.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    The writer can't write the way we want. He /She will try to show his/ her best abilities and skills in presenting his/her writings. If a reader is not able to understand the same it is better to read the writing 2 or 3 times and if necessary take the help of a dictionary or a knowledgeable person in that. Asking the writer to change the ways is not the correct choice I feel.
    Yes. If it is a classroom and the teacher is teaching a lesson, then the teacher should come to the level of students and explain them. If the teacher tries to show his/her competency the students may not be able to get the subject. The very purpose will get defeated.
    But even though ISC is a site for learning, it is not a classroom lecture and at the same, the thread in question is for the contest. So I feel the stand of ME not to explain is very correct.

    always confident

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    I feel - everyone has freedom of expression but that should be abide by the model code of conduct of the forum.

    No harm if a member tries to understand the inner meaning of a post (it shows the eagerness to learn trait which is good for a learning soul) and the response is subject to Forum guidelines. But I do agree, the way the question is put should be polite and precise. And the vague argument is something to be refrained of. And taunting shows ignorance of a person over a disciplinary standard set in the system. A rule is a rule. You cannot enter 100 Rs in ATM and tilt the machine for 500 Rs!

    And secondly, when the rule was clearly mentioned as to - explanation of the post is against the rule, members should avoid going against the same by explicitly explaining the crux of the topic against the wish of the author/MCC, which obviously had resulted in the withdrawal of the post from the author.

    A Standard Operating Procedure is a signed and safeguarded discipline. Any amendment or update or correction of the same to be vetted, analyzed, discussed and signed by the competitive personnel before implementing the same out. Just by verbally stating - "an open discussion over the competition entry shouldn't affect result" as a member, wouldn't do much even though I too agree with the proposal. It's better to avoid than to 'commit and suggest'.

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    A few points -
    There was no eagerness or an attempt to learn. The turn of events would have been different if that were the case.

    Can you cite the rule that mentions 'explanation of the post is against the rule'?

    Who is MCC?

    I would be the last person to break the 'standard operating procedures' if they were in place. There were none. The entry was left open for responses. The author chose to not provide an explanation - that was her prerogative. No rules were broken.

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    Hi Juana,

    Onto the first point - 'there was no eagerness to learn'. May be; but it is subjective.

    That was not a written rule but rather, was against the wish of the author or may be when a person of higher caliber and position in a site says as if such, any statement, in its verbal of written form, shall constitute itself as a rule, at least for that scope or that time frame or that post, be in force for that tenure until being mutually consented as a system. I agree with you, no harm in explaining the crux, as there was no rule in written form limiting such response from the member; but indeed it demeaned the sentiment of the author.

    MCC - Model Code of Conduct.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
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    In a contest, how can you call it as a jibe? Was there any mention of personal names or a hint or attack. I must say that it was original spontaneous creativity of SuN who won the first creative badge of ISC.

    It is your inner personal feeling as a jibe. It could be due to some guilty feeling of the editor concerned. Can you place the same content in this forum thread and ask the opinion of the members whether it is a creative micro tale or a jibe against someone? If yes, who and why? You never allowed me to ask the opinion of the members and got the thread deleted.

    Whatever the ME feels will be supported by her editors. That's what the editorial team decision.

    I have also sent an e-mail to you to see no response.

    Nothing more can be said except that - Injustice was done to a creative member of ISC.

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    Do I have freedom here to say something? I ask this because most of the replied of mine get deleted and I am trying to find the reason for what, when I say the same thing what other member has said!

    Let me come to this particular thread. Madam Juana has indirectly indicating about my replied. I too should be given free hand to defend myself.

    About the Vandana Madam thread of "Choice". I did'n understand and the frank way I have said it in my reply. The Managing Editor too has replied me with "Thanda-thanda cool-cool" way. I really appreciate her cool reply.

    Now, what happened after that? My 3 replied were deleted. If members have read, there was nothing I said wrong as per me. I have just asked why 2 different rule for 2 different member when I had said the same what Umesh has said! But its ok, if the admin had find it against the forum policies.

    Now, what happened after? Just to bring me in negative way, this thread has been posted! I know there was not my name mentioned here but the discussion is about me. I seriously do not understand the reason behind it? I do accept that I am not as knowledgeable as Vandana or Juana. I too accept that I have to learn to write a proper English. I do accept that I can not write like how these 2 people write. But, for that does it mean that I should be shown in grey image? I will surely learn it slowly. I had my frank opinion and that I had said it. Had I just wanted to praise Vandana without even knowing that I didn't understand her message, would it been ok? Does member here have the right to bring out their own opinion?

    I am sorry to say but it does not look good in an education and reputed site like India study channel to have such groupism openly. To have single out a members fault in front of open forum. The member will keep coming in this thread and say their own opinion, which they have all right to say but this is really sad that members are force to stop to have their own opinion just because it criticised someone.

    In one way we say that avoid "personal jibes " and the admin take the word of a member and delete that response just to satisfy a member because he/she is one of reputed member. Now, this is a entire post to bring out personal jibes, Let us see, what admin of this site take a call for.

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    An editorial team is there for a reason, to do their job and make decisions. I will not discuss your entry anymore. Just want to inform you that emails will not be replied to. Whatever has to be stated can be conveyed by members via the forum only. If it is a very personal matter, the contact us page can be used to communicate with the Webmasters of the site.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Surely, I feel that injustice has been done to me by deleting my micro tale contest entry calling it as a jibe.
    What is that jibe? I wrote only a short story. Nothing else.
    Jibe against whom and how?
    What is its relevance?
    Why you don't want to explain the jibe you call?
    One should be convinced when you blame a person.
    Utterly confused with the Editors decision to delete my Micro tale.
    You need not reply to my mail. But you can explain it in detail here in an open forum

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    #666689 @Sun,

    It is decided to restore your response #6665940 in the thread -Micro tale writing contest and your entry would be considered for the Micro-tale contest. Let the issue treated as closed.


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    You've used very legal sounding language in your response, giving me a feel of the rules and regulations printed in company handbooks.

    Coming to your post, considering that the matter is subjective, were the editors biased in their opinion? Were they led by their personal opinions when they deleted posts and gave negative points? I think not. And, that contradicts your second stand of higher calibre blah, blah, blah. The editors saw the posts for what they were and took necessary action. So, the 'subjective' card that you throw in, is just your opinion against theirs.

    You contradicted yourself again by first making wild accusations of rules being flouted in #666677 and now saying 'not a written rule'.

    The author made no suggestion that her post should not be discussed, so the question of demeaning her sentiments does not arise.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Editorial team,
    If you accept Vandana's request for withdrawal of her entry, then in all fairness you must disqualify other entries that were discussed by members. Opinions have been left in all entries. Members offered their own interpretations and inadvertently added more power to the entries – giving different dimensions and a greater punch.

    The question is whether you will judge the entries per se or allow yourselves to be influenced by the responses. Judge each entry on its merit alone and let the most deserving entry win. You have a great responsibility in your hands - do what is right and not what the situation demands.

    This thread may now be locked.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Hi Juana,

    The subjective card I threw was upon you, as neither other members nor the author herself went on to post a separate thread discussing and criticizing the flaws of members and their abilities. This is subjective since, this may be a matter of urgency and necessity to you but may be not for others as they may seem Editorial panel is wise enough to know what is happening around or could have left a response in the same thread to bring it to panel's notice.

    And secondly, author did make a suggestion - not to discuss the crux of the topic, in the response #666075.

    And I still say, I was wrong in the first instance, where I thought, the rule must have been written but later realized, it was author's discretion. I do not have any ego problem, and I accept my fault here. But I still standby that a deviation has happened from what Author had wished to and making her withdraw the entry.

    Thirdly, it was author's wish to withdraw as her principle is hurt. Let us respect their decision. And since it is subjective again, this should not be made universal out of exaggeration please. And if it indeed was a necessary not to let the responses flow by for any competition entry, Editorial panel do have all the rights to close the thread of a competition entry upon completion. Thanks.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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